US election odds

Anyone in the US gambling laws of decorum might rein in this President would have despaired on debate night. You can always bet on Donald Trump to be bombastic, but this was downright rude. Interrupting both his opponent and the moderator, the President seemed incapable of rational discussion. It made a bet on Joe Biden winning the US election look an obvious choice. The odds on Donald Trump at Bovada and other online US bookmakers are now slipping away.   ... read more

On paper, a bet on Joe Biden winning the 2020 election looks massively attractive. The world has beset the incumbent administration with crisis after crisis. However, before you rush off to take advantage of US gambling laws at Bovada and other online bookies, have care. Biden can’t rely on the political certainties that would once have seen him swept to power on a landslide. This isn’t going to be a ho-hum election. Right now a bet on politics in the US is just a tad cavalier. ... read more

Riding on the back of his eminent populism a year ago you’d have bet on Donald Trump to walk into a second term. Now it’s no longer as certain. The ongoing situation and a strong Democratic challenge inflicts an uphill struggle on the President. Online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada are already giving Joe Biden better prices. Then, just when you thought you’d not be able to bet on US politics getting any more bizarre, celebrity lunatic Kanye West insists he’s running too.   ... read more