US gambling laws

The American gambling culture is one of the most colorful phenomena in the world. Because it is tied together with many other industries, which otherwise aren’t tied together in other regions of the world. For example, Disney owns alternative sports betting brand. States are funded by the casino industry revenue. And generally, gambling is a famous topic in America. ... read more

You’d think, after all that has gone on, the odds on Donald Trump getting re-elected would appear quite distant. Instead, he’s the favorite at most online betting sites in the US. Even Bovada give him around 3/1 in their 2024 election odds. That’s astonishing. Or at least we’d think it was if the Democrats weren’t their own worst enemy right now. They are looking down the barrel of a big defeat in the midterms and still seem incapable of doing much, just talking big. ... read more

So, the Cincinnati Bengals surprised everyone and came from nowhere to win the AFC. Can their roll hold? Should you bet on the Cincinnati Bengals to go all the way? Well online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada don’t think so. They’re offering a bet on the Los Angeles Rams at distinctly shorter odds. Still, anything could happen when they kick off and at least you can bet on Super Bowl LVI holding your attention between the adverts whilst you wait for halftime. ... read more

The Razzies are now just part-and-parcel of the Oscars circus. Held the same weekend, they’re a fun part of the build up to the big event. In a town often said to be full of itself, they stick their tongue in their cheek and savage the industry. They also have a habit of savaging the bookies too. The bookies like Bovada know their odds on the Razzies are only aspirational at best and often wrong. Which means taking advantage of US gambling laws to bet on the Razzies is more fun. ... read more

The 79th Golden Globe Awards weren’t particularly well attended. Following the scandals of impropriety, corruption and assault, we expected that. However whilst the A-listers may have turned up their noses, online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada paid close attention. They know the awards are in disgrace, but the choice of winners is still telling. That’s why they’ve all adjusted their odds on the Oscars accordingly, with some prices shorter and others drifting away. ... read more

Donald Trump, arguably the most divisive president the nation has ever had, is favorite in 2024. Right now online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada will give you just 3/1 on Donald retaking the White House. That evidently alarms some on the left of the political spectrum and their cheerleaders in the media. They’ve looked at the latest US politics odds and begun a subtle campaign against the almost inevitable….by making comparisons with dystopian cannibalism. ... read more

You can bet on the US Midterms making the last election look like a picnic. So we expect it to get dirty fast. Just how far can you bet on politics in the US to slide into the abyss? Well, you could always bet on US politics to involve a certain amount of mercenary activity. But, this time? With Bovada and other bookies offering the shortest odds on Donald Trump in 2024? The Democrats are facing an apocalypse at the polls and might have to make a very deep impact. ... read more

The 94th Academy Awards loom hugely on Hollywood’s horizon as it attempts to fit into the new normal. They will draw the usual parade of stars and celebrities, and then bore them for several hours. You can bet on the Oscars to feel too long, appear too self-congratulatory and not really surprise anyone. That’s why lots of people are taking advantage of US gambling laws to put a wager on them. There’s some seriously interesting bets amongst the gratuitous back-slapping. ... read more

Coming so soon in the New Year now’s the time to put a bet on the Oscars. Leave it much longer and the prices at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada will narrow too far. You’ll not find a time any riper than this. But just which of the stars of the silver screen should you back? And just which movie will win the coveted Best Picture award come the evening’s big finale? It’s all up in the air, and as usual the odds on the Oscars avoiding all controversy are astronomical. ... read more