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So everyone knows about the Academy Awards (the Oscars) but the Razzies, Golden Raspberry Awards are less well-known. Held the night before, this counter award ceremony hands out prizes not to the best, but the worst. It may have begun as a joke but is now a traditional kick off to the Oscars themselves. That’s why, at long last, online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada have begun offering odds on the Razzies (as they’re affectionately called). So let us see. ... read more

Those who like to bet on sports in the US will find the odds on the United States Grand Prix tempting. Online bookies in the US like Bovada are offering very similar odds on the two championship rivals. So, you can either bet on Red Bull and back Max Verstappen, or bet on Mercedes and back Lewis Hamilton. Now Mercedes like the Circuit of the Americas, they win there a lot, but Max Verstappen didn’t have a spat with his pit crew in Turkey, did he? ... read more

Supposedly, 46% of Americans would support Dwayne Johnson running for President. If that doesn’t alarm you, Dwayne not ruling out a run ought to. He even appears willing to wait a while before doing so. Now where once this would simply have amused, after Trump things are different. The old political certainties are gone. Thus, online betting sites in the US like Bovada have to offer odds on Dwayne Johnson every bit as much they do on Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. ... read more

Obstructionism is catching. You can bet on Joe Biden having expected it from the Republicans. The Republicans oppose anything Democrats say or suggest regardless of its merit. However, it isn’t the Republicans getting in the way of Joe’s agenda now. It’s Democrats. So whilst the odds on Joe Biden at online betting sites in the US like Bovada remain stable, that might not last. Joe has pinned his future on this bill, and the Democrats theirs on Biden, but two senators don’t care. ... read more

You can always bet on politics in the US to entertain. Especially in the post-Trump era. The GOP find themselves on the back foot but the Democrats are blunting their own attack. Just when they need to present a united front, they’re squabbling amongst themselves. Fortunately, voters may not care about infrastructure as much as they do avoiding living in Texas. Indeed Democrats can now probably rely on Texas to make them a safe bet on the US midterm elections in 2022. ... read more

Any Democrat running for Governor in Texas faces an uphill struggle. A State willing to elect George W Bush, Rick Perry and Greg Abbott is firmly in the red column. So you can bet on Beto O’Rourke to have quite the time as he runs in 2022. Indeed the Texas GOP already see him as the biggest threat to their grip on power. Because he is. Hence, you can find such good odds on the 2022 Texas Gubernatorial election going his way at online betting sites in the US like Bovada. ... read more

Despite fielding the most inexperienced team in nearly a quarter of a decade, Team USA should win the Ryder Cup. They have that huge home crowd advantage, Europe’s form is questionable, and winning ‘away’ is always tricky anyway. So online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada rightly give them very short odds on the 2021 Ryder Cup. However whilst on paper Europe look to have no hope at all, there is always the possibility of a Team USA meltdown under pressure. ... read more

Once you could bet on US politics voting to swing one way and then back the other. However, you can no longer count on such regularity. Whilst you’ll find the 2022 Midterm Election odds at online betting sites in the US like Bovada favor the Republicans, big gains seem unlikely now. Some people will still register dissatisfaction with Joe Biden at the polls, of course, but most will register their disgust with the Republicans. Just as they did in California’s Recall Election. ... read more