weird bets

Odds on weather and forecast is commonplace at many sportsbook sites. If you have noticed it and wondered how to win on weather betting, here are tips that will help you. No empty talks – only methods that really work.  ... read more

Recently, bookmakers have begun to come up with a wide variety of bets that could interest absolutely everyone. Odds to win the presidential elections, Eurovision, Oscars, and other social events will not surprise the publicity anymore. However, nowadays, online gambling platforms have created something exciting and unique like betting on aliens. Are you sure that they exist? Can you prove that you have seen the UFO? If yes, then our article will be very interesting for you. ... read more

While trying to distract you from coronavirus with Academy Awards 2021 bets on possible nominees, we decided to cover some special predictions too. Take a look at the list of awkward moments that can happen at the next Oscars ceremony as there is no chance for it to be suspended. ... read more

There are a huge number of animals and plants in the world that serve as barometers, temperature indicators or predictors of storms. The United States is famous for the legendary groundhog Phil. Also, some different cats and dogs are excellent earthquake experts. Besides, animals with the gift of prophecy exist in the world of gambling as well. Who are they and how are they helpful? Let us recall the most famous animals predicting bets.  ... read more

New consoles are coming to town. They will release the new PS and Xbox this year and everyone is buzzing around the topic. It’s have been a serious rivalry between Sony and Microsoft since the very beginnings. Let’s make the biggest contest of the video game market even more exciting. Now, you can bet on that PS5 or Xbox Scarlett will make more sales in the UK in the first month after their release. PS5 News is very promising, so, in the battle of next-gen consoles, PlayStation seems to be the shoo-in. ... read more

They say that parenting is a job you don’t get a salary for. However, in the modern world, some families will completely disagree with such an opinion. Why? Because they know how to make money on their kids not using child labor. Those are the parents who are confident that their children will succeed in the future. Moms and dads are ready to bet the whole fortune on the talents of their kids. Read our article to learn more about betting on your children.   ... read more

The US President Donald Trump began to strengthen security in the country immediately after winning the elections in 2017. Now he is convinced that he will go for a second term and continue to fulfill his duties. But which new measures to strengthen US security is Donald Trump ready to implement? And what is hidden behind the “enhanced interrogation techniques”? Online gambling sites in the USA have already started offering bets on Trump homeland security picks.  ... read more

Spring is coming. Therefore, finally, we can make our Leauge of Legends European Champions  Spring Predictions. LEC 2020 odds picture that G2 eSports will achieve a flawless victory. However, Fnatic still has a glimmer of hope. All the MOBA fans are buzzing around the next Game of the Week. On Saturday the two teams will face each other. This match will clarify the probability of a Fnatic victory. ... read more