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The odds on US politics make for strange reading. Celebrities are running in elections here, there and everywhere. Democrats are still chasing their tails and looking for January 6th justice. All whilst the Republicans pervert democracy in pursuit of victory whatever the cost to the country. Anyone in the US gambling laws of common decency will keep democracy alive and well in the good ole’ US of A needs to think again. It was never very much of a democracy in the first place. ... read more

Donald Trump left the White House, got on board Air Force One for the final time, and few away to Florida. Regardless of your political leanings, it was a finale. Or was it? Some of the online sportsbook sites in the US aren’t so sure. They think Trump might yet return after four years in the political wilderness to run again. Hence sites like Bovada will still give you 6/1 odds on Donald Trump winning in 2024. So, is this really the end of an era? Or just an intermission? ... read more

A divisive close election result was always going to be problematic. Troublemakers on both sides were never going to let the other side win without a fuss. There have already been clashes outside the White House. So then the nation may descend into chaos at any moment and you will need to know how to gambling during civil unrest on the streets. Obviously online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada will keep going, but there will be some alternatives. If things get really serious. ... read more

They say a week is a long time in politics. That means November is a lifetime away. In the final sprint to the White House, anything could happen. So, whilst, at present, a bet on Donald Trump losing the 2020 election seems a great idea, it may not be. Those polls could be wrong. Very wrong. Perhaps that’s why the odds on Donald Trump and the odds on Joe Biden at online betting sites in the US like Bovada are so similar. This election is a stride into the unknown. ... read more

Just when you’d bet on US politics having reaching a nadir, it takes aim at another one. US electoral laws mean Kanye West may, or may not, be on the ballot in your area. That’s why he’s currently only 100/1 to become President at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada. However, the practicalities aside, the more difficult bit will be justifying voting for him in the first place. So, if you want to know how to vote for Kanye West, here’s the justifications you’ll need to do so.  ... read more

Riding on the back of his eminent populism a year ago you’d have bet on Donald Trump to walk into a second term. Now it’s no longer as certain. The ongoing situation and a strong Democratic challenge inflicts an uphill struggle on the President. Online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada are already giving Joe Biden better prices. Then, just when you thought you’d not be able to bet on US politics getting any more bizarre, celebrity lunatic Kanye West insists he’s running too.   ... read more

Picking a running mate is never an easy choice. A balanced ticket with the right mixture of candidates can be the keys to the White House. Joe Biden was a great addition for Obama, and now Joe needs to find his own partner in politics. The 2020 Democratic VP Nominee odds are thus well worth a look. Right now online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada are giving Kamala Harris the nod at 4/6. This makes her a shoo-in, or at least it would in a predictable political cycle. ... read more

They got the Scottish Independence vote wrong, they failed to spot Brexit coming and then Michael Moore out-performed them. Political pollsters, pundits and predictors have been almost universally useless in recent years. Anyone taking advantage of US gambling laws to have a bet on US politics in 2020 should, on no account, listen to these fools now. They have no more idea of what’s around the corner than you do. What will dominate the 2020 election is anyone’s guess. ... read more

This November the US will vote to choose between Donald Trump, the current President, and Joe Biden, the former-vice President. It’ll be a dour struggle. But it won’t be for the most votes, not really. You can bet on the 2020 US popular vote at online betting sites in the US like Bovada, but remember that’s not how it works. In US Democracy, it’s perfectly possible to lose the popular vote and still retain the White House, and perhaps odds, that how it is supposed to work. ... read more

The polarization of US politics may be most obvious at the top but it goes all the way down too. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the state house elections where the ideological war is at perhaps its most brutal. So, the odds on US state elections are closely watched by online betting sites in the US. These bitter battles often shape the elections to follow them as the sides wrestle for the soul of America. This is, after all, where electoral laws come from, and they hold the keys to the palace now. ... read more