Excitement is already brewing for the next Challenge Cup. What’s more, we have the latest 2023 Challenge Cup betting odds and Challenge Cup predictions to cover the latest event. At this time, there is not one best bet on the Challenge Cup, but two. ... read more

Without a doubt, the Challenge Cup will be one of the top rugby league tournaments to watch this year. So far, St Helens have the best 2021 Challenge Cup betting odds to claim Challenge Cup bragging rights this year. This is unfortunately the last thing that fans of defending champion’s Leeds would want to hear.  ... read more

Fans of Premier League side Southampton had a tough game last night when their team suffered their second humiliating defeat in two year’s time. As Manchester United knocked them out with a 9-0 score just like Leicester City did in 2019. These two heavy defeats definitely belong to the worst Premier League defeats in history. Let’s see now other memorable games with big losses.  ... read more

2021 marks the 26th season of Super League, one of the must-see rugby league’s in the UK. This time, reigning champions St Helens will likely once again claim the competition’s bragging rights according to our Super League XXVI predictions. ... read more

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The fight for promotion continues in the EFL Championship. League leaders Sheffield United are facing a difficult test in Nottingham, the odds are 27/20 on the away side. Meanwhile, the odds are as high as 3/1 on Birmingham City to continue their winning streak against Derby County. There are many questions to be answered this weekend about Leeds United and Norwich City as well… ... read more