Will Smith

Oldman expected to be a strong contender for his role at “Mank” Among the 24 categories at the every year Oscars, the Best Actor alongside the Best Picture usually takes over the headlines. Thus, we have already started putting up a list of top contenders and of course the 2021 Best Actor predictions for the winner. ... read more

The Smiths are one of the most united families in the celebrity world. However, even they are not secure from a divorce in 2020 – “the year of breakups”. You can bet on Will Smith to divorce with Jada Pinkett or to salvage his marriage instead – you will benefit in both cases. ... read more

Although Men in Black: International didn’t have a big success, there is a huge possibility of making one more film about galaxy defenders. Similarly to our planet, the franchise can be saved by its original stars, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Men in Black 5 betting predictions show if they have at least a small chance to shoot in the next movie or not. ... read more