Before you visit any land-based or online gambling establishment, it will be extremely useful and smart to find out which games can bring you maximum profit, and which ones are best to have nothing to do with. In our article, we will look at those types of gambling entertainment, which, according to casino employees, are the most profitable and effective. Indeed, it’s worth mentioning that this is just a hypothesis based on experience and observation. Therefore, let’s take a closer at casino games winning tips by croupiers. ... read more

In reality, you can never predict how the roulette wheel could turn. Even the most professional gamblers don’t know in which sector the ball may fall. Therefore, most players understand that roulette is actually not a game title of methods and it mostly depends on your luck. However, gamblers can use some effective winning quad roulette strategies to increase their chances of victory. Let’s check them out! ... read more

Manfred Ewald wasn’t a nice guy really. He started his career in the Hitler Youth. After he was captured by the Red Army in 1944 he managed to get out of jail by joining the German Communist party in 1938. By 1961 he was nominated to be the minister of sports. In this position, he was working on developing a system of officially encouraged doping. Today the Russian doping scandals are the loudest you can even make bets on them. I hope they got better drugs than the ones in the GDR period. ... read more

Making the biggest bet ever is surely a prestigious title. Something to be remembered of. While some people have the resources and the knowledge to hack the lottery or always win on the horse racing, others are cheating somehow or relying basically on luck.  The hero of this story was also relying basically on luck but he did it with class. ... read more

Back in the days in 1891 Monte-Carlo, every roulette table had a cash reserve of 100.000 francs. Once somebody won so much money that the table couldn’t pay, it was announced that the winner broke the bank and the table was closed until they brought extra founds. Charles Wells broke the bank and won 1 million francs with his flawless roulette strategy. He was not just breaking the bank of the casino, he even broke his own bank once. ... read more

While there are many types of gamblers, luck is something you can’t disclose from your gameplay. And this applies to life itself. Either you are trying to make the perfect algorithm or using occult spells lady luck might run over your plans if you cross her road at the wrong time. No matter how prepared you are, the role of luck in gambling is inevitable. However, you can strengthen your chances.  ... read more

Portsmouth could compete for the title this season in League 1. However, online sportsbook sites in the UK argue that Sunderland are still the favourites to finish 1st in May. It is sure that they will give everything for the title, as the Black Cats are desperate to find their way back to the top. Meanwhile, tough opponents like Peterborough and Luton Town are making it harder to confidently bet on the outright winner of League 1. ... read more