Winter Olympics

Are you watching the 2022 Winter Olympic games? Well if you don’t know what to do while you are waiting for your favorite players to go, this article is for you! Keep on reading and find out about the most epic Winter Olympic games ever! ... read more

We are already in the new year so it’s time to check the biggest sporting events in 2022. From the Winter Olympics to the Football World Cup, there are plenty of things to look forward to. Like the new season of Formula 1, tennis Grand Slams and the big cycling events along with the World Swimming and Athletic Championships. Let’s see all the major sporting events in 2022. ... read more

Instead of sitting on the couch, drinking hot cocoa, and watching Christmas movies all day, it’s time to try some of the trending winter sports in 2022. Not only is fresh air good for your health, but winter sports also improve your balance and muscles. Besides the classic skiing and skating – we will show you some unique and extreme options. Since the Winter Olympics will take place from February 4 through February 20 in 2022, all the sports featured there are trending right now. Discover new, fun, and classic winter sports in this article!  ... read more

Started watching short track, alpine skiing, and speed skating? Wondering who is the favorite to win medals in figure skating and snowboarding? Our material will help you figure out who can be seen on the podium of the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing. Here are the 2022 Winter Olympic predictions and the main contenders for medals. ... read more

The first Youth Olympic Games were held in 2010 in Singapore, and the concept of such competitions was presented back in 1998. However, long before that, young athletes performed on equal terms next to adults. Some of them have done this quite successfully. We delved deeper into the history of the Winter Olympics to learn more about these sports geeks. ... read more

Getting close to the beginning of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, fans and experts concentrate more and more on the members of the Olympic teams. Some of them will compete at the Games for the first time, while others have already taken part in it before. But only a few athletes have managed to compete in several Olympics, let’s see the athletes with the most Olympic appearances. ... read more

As the temperature has dropped dramatically in most parts of Europe, we can often see different athletes struggling with tough conditions. From football to rugby players who have to play in cold and snowy weather. Even skiers and other winter sports athletes can be affected by heavy winds and snowstorms. Sometimes big competitions or games can still go ahead in spite of these circumstances like it happened in these top sporting events in extreme winter conditions.  ... read more

The oldest living Olympic champion, Agnes Keleti celebrated her 100th birthday last weekend. The fantastic gymnast won five Olympic gold medals in the 1952 and 1956 Olympic Games and worked in the sport for several decades. We collected other athletes with similar records and made a list of the oldest living Olympic champions, let’s see them below.  ... read more

Traditionally table tennis, badminton and basketball are the most famous sports in China, but football and winter sports are getting more popular as well. Of course, we can find Chinese athletes in almost every sport in the Olympics, usually getting medals wherever they compete. In the following list we tried to collect all the sports which are successful among the professional and amateur athletes as well.  ... read more