Women’s euro handball 2020 odds

The 2020 European Handball Championship among women will take place in two host countries – Norway and Denmark. Women’s euro handball 2020 odds are the highest for three distinct nations among the competitors – Norway, Russia, and France. And this is not a surprise. These rivals were also odds leaders in the 2019 World Women’s Handball Championship. So, when it is a matter of women handball, these three countries are always on the top as were in World So, according to bet365, Norway women take the leading position among its rivals with 2.25 odds. However, their strongest opponents, Russian and French women can be a big challenge for Norway. Their odds to win are 4.50 and 6.50, respectively.  Women will play the games in five different locations. Herning and Frederikshavn in Denmark and Oslo, Trondheim, and Stavanger in Norway.  The main round will be held in Herning and Stavanger, while final round in Oslo. 2021 World Women’s Handball Championship will also include the following event into one of its qualification tournaments. ... read more