world cup

Women’s water polo has only become part of the Olympic program in 2000, in Sydney. But the ladies also took part in other competitions before like the World Championships and World Cups. In the best women’s water polo teams in history we can find the multiple winners US team, but we also listed other nations with great results.  ... read more

Sadly sports can’t be free from corruption either, like other parts of life. In the last few years we could hear about corruption from different organisations from FIFA to the Olympic Committee. But in the biggest corruption scandals in sports we can find examples from other sports and their leaders who all had dirty secrets during their work. ... read more

Fans are very important parts of all kinds of sports but from time to time they are behind incidents which are truly shocking. From interrupting games and running to the pitch, fans are truly capable of anything in order to gain the attention of their favorite athletes. Of course cameramen and TV producers are also loving them, let’s see the most shocking fan moments in sports.  ... read more

Surely everyone can remember a few games, when the winner was decided after the extra-time with penalties. At that moment it doesn’t matter who is playing and which stars shoot the penalties as anyone can miss them, even the biggest footballers. In the best penalty shoot-outs in history we find some really memorable moments from World Cups to Champions League games.  ... read more

Though football leagues in Africa might not be as strong as in Europe or South America, from time to time talented players have emerged from different countries in the continent. In the most famous African football players we can find earlier and current stars of top European teams. Most of them won trophies with their clubs and became popular all over the world.  ... read more

Even though women’s football goes back to almost as long a history as the men’s, it only started to be recognized in the 1970s when more and more players became professional. The best female football players ever didn’t only win titles but also helped to make the sport more popular.  ... read more

In football, the biggest focus is always on the strikers in a team, who can score goals and decide the results of the games. But on the other side, the defenders’ role are also important, as they are the ones who can block the attacks. In the best defenders of all time we find true leaders, who organized their team’s defense in a way that even the best strikers were struggling against them.  ... read more

Football players are often under lots of pressure and criticism if they are not playing on the level they were expected. Some of them are choosing to leave their clubs and hope for a better future in a new place. Facing a former club is usually a great occasion to play well and even score against their old team. But some players even went further than this in the biggest revenges taken by footballers.  ... read more

Though footballers might not be known about their very high intelligence, there are players who always think a few steps ahead and were able to direct the game as they wanted. They had great minds beside their football skills, which they use outside of the football pitch as well. These are the most intelligent footballers.  ... read more

To manage a football team is never easy, especially on the top level, where teams are full of superstars with really big egos. The following coaches all managed to make a great team from them, achieved big successes and were treated with respect by the players and fans as well. Let’s see the best football managers of all time in history, in no particular order.  ... read more