Zero-Sum game

Game theory betting strategies are all the rage, especially in business. In the casino, however, they suffer from requiring long-term application. Applying tactics within the game itself is simple enough, but the game is slanted. The house always wins, remember? As true at any casino as at bet365 when you put a bet on sports in the UK. This means that a true employment of game theory is a war of attrition. A lengthy battle against the house advantage and the negative expected values of gambling. ... read more

The evolution of game theory dates back well beyond the games to which we apply it today. The analysis of play, strategies and results perhaps as old as games themselves. Over the centuries, however, mathematicians have developed it into a massively useful analytical tool. Gambling using game theory is nothing new, of course. But today it is as important in business as during poker games at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365. So what turned the study of gambling games into the 21st century’s watchword? ... read more

The correct application of game theory poker strategies can help you beat the odds and be a big winner. However, this is not as straight forward as heading over to Bet365, or other online betting sites in the UK, and doing some fancy math. Gambling mathematics is only ever half the story in poker. Indeed players will find most game theory applies more to the other half. Play to beat not the probabilities but the opposing players infinitely easier. It is in this manner your tactics during play can be optimized. ... read more