Zlatan Ibrahimovic

There are at least three reasons why AC Milan will win Serie A this year. The football club has been showing great results during the last 12 months, so it is predicted to be among the favorites in 2020-2021. Let’s see why betting on Milan to win its 19th top-tier Italian championship title is reasonable. ... read more

With the start of the group stage in the 2020-21 Europa League season, we checked the favorites for the overall win of the tournament. Last season’s champions Sevilla are taking part in the Champions League this year so we are likely to see a new winner this season. The Europa League betting predictions favor English teams to get the trophy, let’s see who they are.  ... read more

Most experts predicted Cristiano Ronaldo to be the top goalscorer of the Serie A last season, but he was five goals short of the winner. Who was Lazio striker Ciro Immobile with an incredible 36 goals. In the 2021 Serie A top scorer bets Ronaldo is the favorite but there might be another winner this season again.  ... read more

Footballers are known not just for their athletic skills and trophies, but also for their fashion-forward style. One particular player that instantly pops up into our mind is the Swedish legend Ibra. Recently Zlatan Ibrahimovic hairstyle odds became available, suggesting he might be thinking about dropping his man bun. ... read more

Football players are often under lots of pressure and criticism if they are not playing on the level they were expected. Some of them are choosing to leave their clubs and hope for a better future in a new place. Facing a former club is usually a great occasion to play well and even score against their old team. But some players even went further than this in the biggest revenges taken by footballers.  ... read more

Rivalry in football always leads both to bad blood among fans and negative attitudes towards certain players. However, these football stars exceeded all expectations by getting enemies from almost every fanbase for their playing style, on-field behavior or public image. Here are the top-5 most hated football players in the world nowadays. ... read more

To be a manager or coach is not always easy, especially if you have players in your team who constantly talk back, disagree with the decisions and turn even the others against you. With some separate talks and discussions usually, they calm down, but the mentioned footballers below are really special cases. They are the most difficult football players in history.  ... read more

Who is the Real Ronaldo?

So who is the real Ronaldo? In the heady world of top football players, there are two Ronaldos. Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima and Cristiano Ronaldo. You’ll hear people discuss the “real” Ronaldo. And it turns out that they are always using the term to distinguish between the two players. Of course, the “real” Ronaldo was born in 1975 and is Brazilian. Let’s compare the two. ... read more