US Judge is Pressured to Drop Ruse Case Against Paul Phua

Paul Rhua, Las Vegas Court

The defense asked for the FBI ruse case to be dropped due to lack of evidence.

The long drawn-out case against Wei Seng “Paul” Phua could come to an end, gambling news reported. The defense attorneys are filing for dismiss of the case. After long hours spent with filing declined motions, several evidence hearings and not much progress they claim that this is only a ruse case made up by the FBI.

Since client Paul Phua’s 51st birthday is coming soon, it is an urgent matter for the defense to convince U.S. District Judge Andrew Gordon to stop pre-trial monitoring. Attorneys David Chesnoff and Thomas Goldstein said that not allowing their client to travel is not rational since the client is not a flight risk.

Evidence was thrown out in court

After the District Judge himself ruled that the FBI violated Mr. Phua’s privacy while collecting evidence, the request for dismissal stands strong. Despite the fact that the proof can’t be presented U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden stated that the case is not over yet.

The defense requested the judge to specify what other proof they have of Mr.Phua violating US gambling laws last summer. As well as they asked for the belongings of the client to be freed from custody. Mr.Phua’s trial is expected to start on June 1.

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