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The 2020 Tony Awards betting predictions are out. The long-delayed show has been finally scheduled for December and the committee has announced the nominees. This year, there are fewer musicals competing for the prize than usually - one category even has just one nominee! - so the process of guessing the winners will be easier. 

If you’re one of the lottery lovers, then, you might love some fun facts about online lotteries. And the lottery did not appear just a few years ago, it has a long story to tell. 

The 34th ARIA Awards ceremony will soon be underway to celebrate the talents in the Australian music industry. Once again, the Album of the Year award category will be one of the top honours up for grabs. Fortunately for Tame Impala, Slow Rush is an Album of the Year frontrunner on our 2020 ARIA Awards betting predictions. 

Are you a lottery fan who is looking for frequent and profitable lotto draws? If yes, you should stop here and learn how to play German lottery online. There are many draws scheduled for 2020, so don’t miss the chance to hit the jackpot regardless of your nationality and location.

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This year Sydney will once again host some of the biggest names in Australia’s music industry at the ARIA Awards. Without a doubt, the ARIA Best Male Artist will be one of the top honours up for grabs. Fortunately, for Ruel fans, the singer is currently the top nominee to bet on 2020 ARIA Awards Best Male Artist. 

Do you know that you can play Millionaire for real money without going on the TV show? In 2020, there is an opportunity to win millions playing your favorite quiz game at online casinos. Let’s see where to find the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire gambling game and how to play it.

The news that Olga Buzova will represent Russian on Eurovision spread throughout the mass media in 2019. However, not everyone is happy about this fact. The fans of the singer are looking forward to seeing their idol on the main European Song Contest. But haters don’t expect this to happen. Therefore, online bookmakers have decided to offer bets on Olga Buzova to go to the next Eurovision contest. Let’s check what the odds are? 

Ever wondered why some gamblers are luckier than others? Well, that’s a question that crosses the minds of most people at live or online casinos in the US. And as long as online gambling has been around, people have always tried to find ways to get lucky.