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Credit card gambling banned from April 2020. All UK based gamblers will be unable to use their credit cards to place bets online. This follows a serious shake up by the UK industry regulator.

The Supreme Court ruling in May of 2019 was the final word in a long battle. Despite opposition from the likes of Sheldon Adelson and those with a vested interest in the status quo, common sense won out. Sports betting in the US became legal and states offering sports gambling in the US grew in number rapidly. That has given online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada a new lease of life. The market is now set for rapid expansion over the next very few short years.

Hold onto your hats everyone....Google has just announced that it's prepared to change it's stance on US gambling advertisements in 2020. The plan is to ease up on casino advertising and rid the internet of the sweeping ban on gambling ads.

So what exactly is Bitcoin? And how can you use Bitcoin in gambling? Well, the short answer is that it's a digital currency or cryptocurrency that can be both created and stored electronically. It's controlled by it's users (decentralized) rather than a bank or other fixed organization.

Bet365 was the biggest UK taxpayer last year. The Coates family, who are the owners of online sports-betting giant, have been named as Britain's biggest taxpayer of 2019, according to the Sunday Times Tax List. This should help temper the media knee-jerk criticism that the company's CEO, Denise Coates received when it was revealed that she earned a massive salary total of over $1 billion over the last 3 years.

Manchester City have been found to be playing fast and loose with their financial disclosures. As reported in the Guardian newspaper, almost £60m has been added to the clubs losses. This was by the Uefa’s Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) and comes as a result of new finding in relation to the club's funding.

So what are the qualities to be a bookie? The movie stereo type of the shifty bookmaker, trying to fleece everyone around him, is nothing more than a tired cliche. Lets have a deeper look....

There are always a couple of annual special Bitcoin Bets which go viral. Last year you could bet on the lowest Bitcoin price. This year you can wager on the highest amount at 22bet. But wait a moment! Betting odds can show you the most promising investment in 2020.

Let's block gambling spending. That's the idea behind the announcement of a new policy from two of the UK's biggest banks. It enabled customers to self-exclude their bank cards from use on gambling websites. Furthermore, if they change their mind, then they'll need to wait 48 hours until they can play again.

Obviously, our annual cryptocurrency predictions are a must-read. Online sportsbook news in the United Kingdom says that Crypto will increasingly integrate with reals-world applications. However, people do not support the decadent mood of digital currencies. Moreover, Crypto experts' top predictions for 2020 are very positive. In their opinion, cryptocurrency will not go anywhere, on the contrary, virtual assets will be more and more distributed every year.