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What is “bingo”? It is a popular game in which the outcome depends solely on probability and luck. To participate in it, you need to purchase special cards, and to win you need to have a little luck. This type of lottery has caught the fancy of millions of fans around the world. As in any other game, there are different versions and different ways and options for winning. For example, in the UK they play a version called "90-Ball Bingo”. This look is slightly different from the American version called "75 Ball Bingo". Some people consider this kind of entertainment for oldies only. However, in this article, we are rediscovering bingo in 2022. 

Daily fantasy sports are online tournaments that last short periods: from one match to one round. Each player receives a new price for each tournament according to the difficulty of the match and the current form. Indeed, the tournament sets a ceiling on the cost of the roster, which cannot be exceeded, and several restrictions: the number of players from one club to the tactical scheme. Besides, the presence of a certain number of players for each role is mandatory. In this article, we will discuss how to enter DFS tournaments. 

Trying new varieties of poker is a trend in recent years. Moreover, attempts to update the range of online poker games are made by many developers. What formats have we already seen by the end of 2021? And can regulars make money on new games? Let's try to figure it out and explore the most exclusive poker games.

Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in Canada, many European countries, and the northern regions of the United States. Moreover, ice hockey is Canada's national winter sport and is very popular in the country. The National Hockey League (NHL) is the premier professional hockey league in the United States and Canada. The NHL playoff winner receives the Stanley Cup, the oldest existing trophy awarded to an existing professional franchise. Besides, there is a Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) for teams from the CIS countries. But what are the best hockey teams to bet on? Let’s figure it out!

With the arrival of winter, many expect the start of biathlon races. Here you can not only get pleasure from watching the struggle of the best biathletes in the world but also try to make good money. It happened that biathlon, as a sport, was lost against the background of more popular sports such as football, tennis, and basketball. However, experienced players understand perfectly well that it is really difficult to beat a bookmaker in such popular sports destinations. Besides, within the framework of biathlon, when using some "tricky" strategies and tactics specially developed for them, you can beat the analysts of the offices over and over again. In this article, we will discuss the best biathlon betting strategies in 2021.