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If you ask where you can find Old Bexley & Sidcup odds are people won’t know. Not unless they live there. It hovers on the southeast outskirts of London and is, electorally, a safe Conservative seat. That’s why online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 are giving the Tories just 1/20 to hold it in the up-coming by-election. However, as the government flits from scandal to scandal just how much of their majority will they lose? And how much is too much to keep Boris about?

No one likes watching someone go mad. Mental illness still carries a considerable stigma in our society. So seeing the Prime Minister go off his rocker is awfully embarrassing, especially for the Conservative Party. They, alas, will have no one but themselves to blame. We all saw this coming. They knew what they were getting into. Now they want out. That’s why a bet on Boris Johnson leaving in 2022 gets such short prices at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365.

The polls give Matthew McConaughey a chance to beat Greg Abbot to the governorship of Texas. They put him 8 points ahead. Unfortunately, however, the odds on the Texas gubernatorial election don’t echo that popular sentiment. Online betting sites in the US like Bovada aren’t entirely sure the movie star will run. Although, they are quite certain that if he does run as a third candidate, he’ll hand victory back to Greg Abbott. So is that ‘useful’ to the electorate, Matt?

They started out just trying to defend a single sleazy colleague from due punishment. That effort has now backfired so badly the odds on Boris Johnson remaining leader long on Bet365 etc. are slipping. As the press continue to focus on the party and its money matters some Conservatives are questioning his long term value. After all you can always bet on politics in the UK to forgive failure. It does that quite often. But feathering your own nest? No, people tend to frown on that.

With the election fresh in their minds, and even still contested in some states, Democrats are running out of time. They have little time left before the 2022 campaign starts to dominate the political landscape. Unfortunately Joe Biden and Co haven’t really made the progress they touted. That’s why those who regularly bet on politics in the US already see a democrat collapse at the polls. So are the Republicans right to bet on the US Midterm Elections returning them the reins?

They’re not telling us something. With all that’s going on you’d think the odds on Donald Trump returning to the White House would be astronomical. However online betting sites in the US like Bovada are actually dropping their prices on the former President. So does he really stand a chance at getting re-elected? Or is this just the online bookies in the US dangling hope before the massed ranks of misguided Trump supporters? Realistic hope or emotional echo? We take a look.

They say history repeats itself and you can bet on Boris Johnson believing that. Decades ago, sleaze allegations helped New Labour sweep into power, now they’re back. You can bet on politics in the UK to forgive rather a lot, but out-and-out corruption? No. Following the silly attempt to pervert parliament in defense of Owen Paterson, the entire tory party is under the microscope. But will even this flagrant greed help the odds on Keir Starmer at Bet365 et al?

For a while, it looked like you could bet on British politics to lean towards the Conservatives forever. With a sizeable majority, a leader popular among the grassroots and a Labour Party all at sea, what was to prevent it? Well apparently the Conservatives themselves. They’re reverting to type just in time to give those who like to bet on politics in the UK a reason to back Labour. Bet365 might still the tories an edge, but how long will that last as the scandals keep on coming?

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