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International Weightlifting Federation's corruption revealed by german ARD's investigative journalists, IWF cant account for 5,5 million USD. While the federation is financed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), they said that they didn't have an insight into IWF's inside proceedings. From the confidential documents that are seized by ARD, it also turns out that most of the weightlifters achieving world titles were only tested for doping during the sports events. From ARD's documentary, we can also know that bribes were accepted by members of Hungarian Anti-Doping Group (HUNADO) for falsifying test results.

Well, there's a new record for US sports betting markets. They're on the up. This is thanks, in part, to last years Supreme Court rulings allowing betting in more US States, the handle for all online sports betting saw an increase to $1.4bn. Both public perception and the political will has also been a main drive in sports betting becoming more acceptable. But as the industry rapidly expands, some industry players are going to struggle.

It looks like you're still waiting for mobile sports betting in New York State. In spite of a vocal chorus of lawmakers in favor of letting folks bet on their mobile devices, sports betting is restricted to in-person wagers and only at upstate casinos.

Well, it had to happen. UK calls for online gambling limits were discussed by MP's last week. And lo and behold, some of the largest UK betting companies immediately saw a massive drop in company share value. This was thanks to a new Government report which suggested  that the maximum online wager should be £2.

The Hungarian football training disaster just goes from bad to worse. Lets get one thing straight. Hungarian football is not short of money. Between 2011 to 2018 the sport received over 791 billion Forints from the central budget. Hungarian football academies which have the task of producing the next generation of star players managed to secure 162 billion Forints of that.

The search for a new replacement to Andrew Bailey, the Chief Executive of the FCA is underway. Top candidates include Tracey McDermott, Chris Woolard, and Sam Woods. You can place your bet on the next Chief Executive of the FCA, with the bookies favoring Ms. McDermott to win the top position.

Undoubtedly, the Internet influences different business sectors, it did not pass by gambling. However, European countries are rightfully considered the largest online gambling market in the world. Along with this, most of the land-based casinos flourished for many decades. That is why they were chosen by us as an object for analyzing the future of gambling business.

When it comes to online card games and myths and facts, gamblers and card players are a superstitious bunch. They like to believe that there is more to luck than just chance. You can find them seriously studying the previous numbers at the roulette wheel with a notebook and pen in hand. Scouring the horse betting card, searching for some sort of pattern that will lead them to the next number, and the dopamine rush of a win.

Yes, there is such a thing as betting on the weather. People will take a punt on anything. And that includes the weather. I mean, why not? It's forever changing and always appears so unpredictable.

Which are the best betting strategies? Are these methods exist? If yes, why not everybody uses them? The answer is simple. You need a calm head to choose the wagers that can make you rich. In this short conclusion, I will share with you which methods to choose and how to use them. But the only one who can make the correct speculations is you.