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The longest usable golf club is just as ridiculous as any other Guinness record. While professional golfers select their clubs with precision so it always fits the circumstance, the following guys just went crazy about this whole thing. I am not surprised that there is no female record holder in this category. Having a huge car, a huge club, a huge everything is mostly guys' game. We can't tell for sure what are these guys compensating for, but one thing I know. Their clubs are magnificent.

There is an endless debate on the Internet: is Nascar dangerous and how dangerous it is actually. The forums are taking two sides. The bigger half says „all the sports are dangerous and Nascar racers are so protected by their equipment that it’s safer than football”. The other half declares that „if you see a Nascar crash in person, you will change your mind”.

“If we naruto run we can run faster than their bullets.” The raid of Area 51 was great fun. Besides giving birth to many internet memes it was also a way to measure the public interest in Area 51. The files of Area 51 are declassified since 2013. Maybe its time to open the place for the public. What are the odds that Trump opens Area 51? According to the bookies of online gambling sites in the US, it’s quite possible.

The first time I played counter-strike 1.6 back in 2005 I remember I really hated the game. I didn’t understand the context, I was rushing out as the round started, then I had to watch as a spectator till the next round. As time passed I gained knowledge, skills, and love for the game. Here are some of my own tips and many tips from professionals on how to improve in CSGO.

Gambling bots are algorithms that help the users to gamble without the personal element. These well-written codes can help you to place bets or play poker with the perfect hand even while you offline. Even more, these tools can help you earn more money with minimalized risk-taking. If you would like to learn how to obtain and how to use a gambling bot take a glimpse at our article.

After the appearance of this new genre, all of the big game companies created their versions. Despite Blizzard only released Hearthstone Battlegrounds in November, it can be the biggest success of its kind. We expect that in 2020 the betting on autobattlers will go viral. Therefore, if you bet on eSport, you should bet on HS Battlegrounds as well.

2019 brought something new to the video-game market. The world of competitive online PC games is focusing on a new play-mode. They named it as auto-chess or auto-battler. They are very simple, they only include solo (or sometimes duo) queues. To win, you will need a mixture of strategy and luck. If you are into eSport gambling, you should prepare for that in 2020 you will mostly bet on auto chess.