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Recently, a Thai monk won the lottery by buying one ticket. Three traveling monks of the Phanom district temple were approached by a lottery seller, asking for a little help for his business. As a result, one of the Thai monk won the lottery, winning a total of $500.000. The monk gave away around 15 USD to everyone who approached him, and then he decided to give the rest away to charity.

We created this Mobile eSports betting guide for you to understand the basics of the new rising category of esports. Because mobile gaming is soon becoming more popular than computer gaming. If you think that mobile gaming can not be successful then you are wrong. They are already receiving more professional tournaments than League of Legends or Dota2 does. Therefore, learn how to bet on these professional games.

In this Wild Rift betting guide, we are going to explain the basics of Wild Rift. If you are unfamiliar with mobile esports then this article is recommended for you. We are going to explain the difference between LOL and Wild Rift, and we are also going to explain each betting type you might encounter on the online sportsbook sites. Get ready for the collaboration of Wild Rift and Coca-Cola on their 2022 World Championship.

If you need some advice on getting better at eSports betting. Then our best advice is to learn how to analyze esports teams. Because if you take one hour before placing your bet to check out some openly available information about both of the teams and their players. Then you are going to beat the bookies every single time when you are placing a bet. Learn everything from the best moba analyzation tool, to the data metrics.

Let's check the best Deadpool 3 betting predictions. Because there are no confirmed characters yet, nor there is any official information we know about the studios. With their new partnership with Disney, they might turn the whole title upside down, introducing it with crazy ideas such as Superman and Deadpool meeting. However, the movie might keep it on the down-low, by only featuring one returning character. Let's check the available odds.

We collected every single word in the esports betting lingo so you can understand the esports betting terminology the next time you decide to try esports betting. With these words, you can both contribute to topics when talking about the games, or you can also use them to understand the alternative betting lines. From the most basic terms to the most professional or alternative terms you will find everything.

We are going to discover the most crazy sports conspiracy theories. You will see the names of the greatest sportsmen in our history. From the power outage of a billion-dollar company to the frozen Superbowl envelopes. Some of these theories make sense, however, some theories can be proven wrong by simple fans without needing professional investigation. Let's discover rigged matches and Michael Jordan's betting habits.

The House needs one final vote to have the Missouri legislation bill approved to feature legal sports betting in the state. If they get this bill passed, then the citizens of Missouri will be able to place sports bettings legally within licensed retail establishments. Additionally, casino operators will receive two skins which they can use to create online gambling. Don’t worry, because they will likely partner up with your favorite sportsbook.

If you wish to catch a break from your betting losing streak, then you should check out these bad LCS predictions by Phreak. Because if you were betting based on the LOL podcasts or his Twitter feeds, then you already know where the problem was coming from. Avoid listening to bad predictions such as his, and you will show an improvement in esport betting. Become better at LOL betting by checking out our predictions instead.

The LOL LCS 2022 odds and betting lines are available on most online sportsbooks. You should bet on this year because the competition is more predictable than ever. There is an evident skill gap between the teams. And you should take advantage of these fallouts. Because betting on League of Legends has never been this easy. Check out the odds featured by Everygame Sportsbook. And don't listen to Phreak's predictions this time.