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Bingo in Guadeloupe
Being a French speaking territory and a part of France, bingo is a natural part of the gambling culture of Guadeloupe since many years, similarly to other Caribbean countries. However, it is far less popular than the traditional local forms of gambling, which are betting on cockfighting and oxen pulls. Bingo has a different audience nevertheless, as it is a perfect past-time activity enjoyed in clubs or at charity events.

Online Bingo in Guadeloupe

Since the French government introduced the new gambling regulations in 2010, enabling operators to apply for online bingo licenses, the popularity of the game has been growing steadily in Guadeloupe too. However, the number of websites providing online bingo services in French are far from the number of online casinos available for players from France, even though the latter are regulated more strictly. The figures of Guadeloupean online bingo players are expected to increase in the following years.