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Lottery in Guadeloupe

Currently, two casinos function in Guadeloupe, which is basically an overseas section of France. Thus, it is also a part of the European Union.

Guadeloupe gambling laws allow all forms of gambling, but unfortunately, they do not have a separate lottery. Rather, they, too, participate in La Française Des Jeux, the French National Lottery. In fact, not to long ago, it was a man from Guadeloupe who won the jackpot of EUR 11 million.

Online Lottery in Guadeloupe

Apart from online gambling sites in Guadeloupe, online lotto can be played, too, thanks to the endless opportunities of the Internet. Apart from Euromillions, there is a vast array of other foreign lottery sites where one can take a chance at hitting the jackpot and becoming a lotto winner. They are fun and very interactive, in other words, a pleasure to play on.

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