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Online sportsbook, Betway like to be number one in the industry. And so their new honor came as a nice surprise. In fact it was a record fine for Betway of $11.6 million for accepting bets with stolen funds. Next to actually losing their licence, this was the UK's biggest fine for a bookmaker and was part of a settlement for a number of serious compliance failings.

If you follow US horse racing to any degree, then you'll know that the industry has a massive horse race doping problem. The chickens finally came home to roost this last week. The US trainer, Jason Servis is one of over 27 individuals charged with a scheme to give illegal drugs to horses. He's looking at up to five years in the slammer.

As we now know, Weinstein got 23 years in prison on Wednesday. To the surprise of just about everyone, he asked for permission to address the courtroom before sentencing. This move is abnormal as most defendants might want to appeal their sentence. There is always a fear that they will say something that might affect the outcome of this. never the less, the New York City Criminal Court Judge James Burke, gave permission.

Nice one Daniel, nice one son, nice one Daniel, he's got another one! Yes, Daniel Sturridge, the former England, Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea footballer managers to find a way to get himself suspended from all footballing activity for four months. This comes after his initial punishment was deemed as being too lenient.

After a 10-year shutdown, the Ukrainian government is planning to give the gambling industry a green light. The Verkhovna Rada has recently approved the Bill on gambling legalization in Ukraine . The 2020 version of the bill contains a new age limit, rules and regulations on casino placement, and gambling license fees. Following the reauthorization of legal gambling, the industry is expected to bring $1,000,000,000 to $1,500,000,000 in revenue. 

In all good online casinos, there is an important section that only a few users usually drop by. Most likely, you did not even open this page and probably did not carefully examine its contents, considering that the information published here is not relevant to you. Have you already guessed what this is about? We are talking about the Responsible Gaming section which provides responsible gambling tips. 

Horse racing is the only sport in India on which it is legal to gamble. In fact, it has a history of more than 200 years in the country. Today, it is a very popular sport and pastime activity in India. There are many big horse racing events in the country. Moreover, India is a country where you can find horse races almost every day of the year.

Bangladeshi casinos are in the midst of police raids after the verdict regarding the gambling predicament in the country came through. The initial petition from 2016, is finally being put into action by the government. The 13 casinos in the country, mostly in Dhaka, are now facing a complete halt in business. According to research polls, almost the entire country supports the government in their actions against the casinos.

The Coronavirus outbreak has already hit land-based casinos in Macau, the world gambling capital. In a meanwhile, foreign organizations like Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators or POGOs don't hesitate to take over the gambling industry. While offshore gaming is booming in the tax haven, the Chinese government is trying to provide countermeasures. 

Every year the Royal Ascot is held in the Summer, in the third week of June. The Queen is there along with all the cream of the racing industry. Last year was no different. Except that seven UK racecourse bookmakers are about to be a lot less well off.