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Korean bullfights prove that not all bullfights end with the bull's timely death. In Korea, bullfighting is an arena sport but without the involvement of humans. Two bulls are released into the ring and they push against each other until one turns away. Unlike other animal contest, there is no gore or suffering. Just like Pokemon!

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race predictions expect that this year will be the most exciting of all times. Despite 2019 Sydney to Hobart odds are all high, the latest statistics indicate that Comanche will be in the first place. However, we are still waiting for new appliers. Take a glimpse at one of the most dangerous challenges of the luxury world.

What's wrong with cockfighting? After all the birds are dumb and like to fight. The US state of Utah, along with Mormons and Salt Lake City, has a penchant for cock fighting. It's one of the only states whereby the "sport" is classed as a misdemeanor as opposed to a felony.

In June, the IOC will make the final decision regarding the host of the winter edition in 2026. Stockholm-Åre is the bookies’ favorite, but Milan-Cortina d’Amparezzo has a good record. Italy's bid might also be a good bet on the 2026 Winter Olympics host.

It may be a little harsh to compare illegal gambling with a bank robbery, but they do both involve making money quickly, share an element of risk to one's liberty, and carry with them somewhat of a social stigma. Nowhere more so than in India where sensible gamblers hit up sites like BetRallyIndia, one of the best online betting sites in India at present, and the less than sensible get themselves arrested by the Santacruz police. Unlike the bank robbers, but does that mean we should all rob banks?

The land of the rising sun is facing a new dawn for the nation's gamblers as parliament finally edges toward opening the way for a generation of Japanese casinos with the Diet all set to pass the required laws, however with some of the necessary legislative framework still to be put in place and the bodies that will regulate them not yet set up are Japanese gambling laws still years away from actually applying to land based casinos? And in the meantime will sites like Omni Slots steal a march on them?