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So what is the Dead Man's Hand? Well, it's probably the most famous hand in a game of cards. The name certainly has a colorful story behind it. And yes, sorry to say, it does feature a dead man!

If you're dealing with casino cheaters, what should you do? Well, remember when the blackjack cheater in the movie "Casino" gets his hand smashed with a hammer? Then his partner is offered either the cash he "won" plus the hammer, or to leave with nothing. Back in the day, casinos didn't mess around when it came to dealing with casino cheaters.

Let's have a look at some Strange and Weird Sports Bets from around The World. We are all aware of the major sports and sporting events from where you can wager and lose your shirt. But did you know that you can probably take a bet on that's shirt's color? Here are some weird and wacky "sports" from around the world where you can place a bet.

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