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If you are regulating streaming platforms such as Twitch or Youtube, then you might be familiar with the streamer gambling scams. These are cases when streamers were paid by gambling-scam websites to create content suggesting that the service is legit and fair. Therefore, they received a smaller fortune or rare and expensive items to act as if they got them randomly. It isn’t illegal to promote such content, alas they face no charges.

The Asmongold gambling scandal is just another Asmongold gambling accusation. He shot down the accusations quickly in his stream, explaining his opinion about the activity he’s been doing. He has all the legal rights to do whatever he wants on his stream, no matter how ethical or unethical it is. In the end, if anyone is disturbed by him having fun, then they should complain to the platform and the government, and not him.

The rise of casino smoking bans is getting higher and higher. Soon smoking gamblers will have to find casino smoking alternatives if they wish to spend hours by the tables of their favorite casinos. We gathered some useful information and alternatives, just as we are explaining the chance of your favorite casino’s smoking being banned. If you live in Atlantic City, you should read this article to learn everything about the smoking ban.

The top casino dress codes are easier than you assumed. Most top casinos have several levels of dress codes. And to access the first two main floors, people can enter as long as they aren’t wearing flip flops and such. If you are visiting online casinos, then you don’t have to worry about your appearance at all. But for those who love fashion, we have some materials for you to top your fashion game.

If you want to have Metaverse gambling explained, then you are at the right place. Gambling in the metaverse is a confusing but promising topic. We can talk about this topic from a gambler's or an investor’s standpoint. At the moment, if you are gambling on the metaverse, that means that you are investing at the same time. Because you can not only win cash prizes but NFT-s. Those NFT-s values will increase in the future.

The Atlantic City Gambling Association’s report shows that the Atlantic City casino smoking ban could lead to a total of 40% revenue loss this year, with other unfortunate losses calculated into the matter. This can lead to 2500 people losing their jobs. The casino owners, the government, and the anti-smoking movement of the casino workers are all in a losing situation right now. Will the Atlantic City casino smoking ban happen?

The 2022 Singapore gambling law updates will focus on the safety of minors. They are going to take an enhanced effort to keep advertisements away from vulnerable people. They are also going to merge the four regulative bodies into one. Financial products and online gambling are not affected by the new bills. Furthermore, the class regime is going to be expanded on.

There are many casino secrets you should know about. We collected the best insiders shared by Reddit users. In conclusion, avoid the slots near the toilet area, and do not try to flirt with the casino staff. Never think that your jackpot is a financial threat to the casino. Because the house always wins.

NEO is transitioning from its older version into its newest smart economy coin N3. If you are interested in the new cryptocurrencies for gambling, then this article is for you. Because we collected everything you need to know about these new cryptos in early 2022.

The greatest historical gambling figures were surprisingly the most influential people of our time. Whether we are talking about politics, philosophy, music, or mathematics. These people were all avid gamblers, enjoying a good game of stakes. Maybe sometimes a little too much. But there were occasions when gambling saved these people.