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The sports gambling legislation attempts in Massachusetts were unsuccessful in the year 2021, as the Senate ran out of time before the discussion was finalized. With this, no actions were taken, however, an overwhelming majority agreed and votes on H.4887. Which includes house and mobile betting. With the current updates and statistics, it seems that they are proceeding forward. Learn everything you need to know about the Massachusetts sports gambling legislation.

The technological advancement of our world is changing everything around us. It is only a matter of time for these changes to catch up with the betting industry. Huge improvements have already been made, but what can we expect in the future? We checked the publicly announced contracts between companies. To bring you the possible future sports betting markets. Get ready, because betting will become a part of everyday life, more than ever before.

When there is money and fame, cheating and exploits will always follow. Wherever we go and whatever we do that may involve money, we should always be mindful of cheaters. Do not fall into the trap of a paused game, and don’t play card games with someone who has a Ph.D. in mathematics. There were several accounts of cheaters within the E-Sport scene. Let’s check out the most infamous LOL championship cheaters.

Valorant is a super popular, free to play, FPS game released by Riot Games in 2020. The game was designed to run on Windows. It was already available during beta testing but the official release came on June 2, 2020. The hero shooter quickly became popular worldwide, received the Game of the Year Award, and is already pretty much in the Streaming Hall of Fame. For gamers it will look like a mix of Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. For others, it’s a colorful and fun game with the traditional aesthetics of the great FPS games. The layout focuses on a classic 5v5 multiplayer match with bomb planting/defusing scenarios. Discover everything you need to know with the ultimate Valorant betting guide.

Cockfighting is a very old bloodsport that goes back thousands of years. It involves specifically bred gamecocks fighting in an enclosed pit for entertainment and gambling purposes. Due to the controversies surrounding the sport, the list of countries with legal cock fight bets is pretty thin. In some countries there are exceptions to it, in other countries, it’s completely illegal.

Greyhound racing is an organized and competitive sport that is similar to horse racing in some parts. There are two forms of races, traditional track racing, and coursing. Coursing is the pursuit of hares by sight. Greyhound racing is similar to horse racing in that both sports are pretty popular with sportsbook betting. Even though the sport is slowly declining, there are some countries where the professionals take it more seriously than elsewhere. The history of greyhound racing in the UK is very interesting and it even intersects with the gambling industry.

In no time New Yorkers will have the chance to legally bet on all kinds of sports via their mobile devices. As a New York sports enthusiast here you are the ultimate guide on the legal aspect of NYS mobile sports betting. Also the top platforms and how to bet on your mobile.

Resorts World opening up their new Las Vegas property now is one of two things. It’s either a savvy and profitable business move….or a desperate disaster they ought to have seen coming. Time will tell. Some might argue that Las Vegas gambling resorts are already too numerous. It is no longer one of few options. Casinos are commonplace in the US now. Plus of course one can so easily gamble at home with online betting sites in the US like Bovada. So why take the risk?

The Conservative UK government of Boris Johnson was always going to address this issue. They’ll get lots of good headlines out of it for combatting the scourge of gambling. Tabloid newspapers in the UK love that sort of thing. Unfortunately, the industry itself isn’t so happy. They think the gambling act review could pose an existential threat to the business for sites like Bet365. However, having taken advantage of UK gambling laws for so long, they can’t say so.