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Nothing quite mixes the excitement of blood and money as the betting on blood sports, most notably, that of dog fighting. In spite of legal efforts, it exists as an underground sport in virtually all countries around the world. And where there's dog fighting, there's also dog fight betting.

So you want to be a croupier? If you love the hustle of the casino, the bright lights and the noise, the sums of money being bet, hey, we have the perfect job for you. You'll play familiar games and you never lose!

So what is counting cards in blackjack? And how can I use it? Well, essentially, counting cards in blackjack lets the player know when the game shifts into his favor. And at that point he can increase his bet.

So, you want to play poker like James Bond? In the quintessential Bond movie, Casino Royal, with Daniel Craig doing the honors, we get to see his poker playing strategies. The movie actually coincided with renewed interest in the game thanks to Chris Moneymakers historic win at the main event of the Poker World Series.

Let's have a look at some Strange and Weird Sports Bets from around The World. We are all aware of the major sports and sporting events from where you can wager and lose your shirt. But did you know that you can probably take a bet on that's shirt's color? Here are some weird and wacky "sports" from around the world where you can place a bet.

So finally, Japan legalizes casino gambling. Though technically gambling is illegal throughout Japan, you'll find plenty of gaming machines. In fact Japan has 58% of all the gaming machines world-wide! Funnily enough, their classification does not fall under the heading of gambling machines! But a recent law will allow the opening of three integrated commercial casino resorts.

So what is peer to peer betting? In the age of social media, it's only natural that a form of "social betting" would appear. This is better known as"peer to peer betting". You can bet on virtually anything and with anyone. Just download an app and you're good to go. 

If you are planning your holiday trip to Brazil, you should not miss the chance to enjoy its casinos. Besides carnivals and natural attractions, this exotic country can amaze you with high-class casinos you will definitely like. We defined the best casinos in Brazil in its different cities that are worth your attention.