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Armenia is about to hold an early parliamentary election on 20 June. Needless to say, all the attention goes to the main contenders and the potential winners and losers of the election. However, there is another big concern, which is voter turnout. Thus, we discuss the expectations of how many eligible voters will likely participate in June and what the Armenian election betting odds indicate.

The recent passing of the Duke of Edinburgh left the British public in deep sorrow. Husband of Queen Elizabeth II, he was the longest-serving royal consort in British history. Prince Philip has been at the Queen’s side for over her six decades of reign. His death influences political campaigns and actions in the near future. UK politics and the death of Prince Philip connect in terms of the proceedings of elections campaigns. We dedicate this article to explain how political actions are likely to change.

Boris Johnson isn’t very popular. The fact he’s more popular than the Labour Party means he can win elections. Which is great. But actual public support? That is less easy to find. Indeed, it starts to appear as if the Conservatives are merely keeping him around to take the all blame. That’s almost traditional. You can always bet on UK politics to periodically feature a stab in the back. That’s why online sportsbook sites in the UK have odds on Boris Johnson leaving before the next election.

With the Republicans apparently unwilling to step back from Trumpist politics Democrats face a tricky choice in 2024. Do they run Kamala Harris, or will Joe Biden want another term? Online betting sites in the US like Bovada aren’t sure which way Democrats will jump. They aren’t even sure Joe will even finish this term. As US politics flounders in a malaise of misinformation, the odds on Joe Biden seem irrelevant. He’s too old. But then should you really bet on Kamala Harris?

Voters in North Lanarkshire will be going to the polls on 13 May to elect a new MP for Airdrie and Shotts by-election. It has been confirmed after the incumbent SNP Neil Gray stepped down to run for the Scottish Parliament. The voters will likely choose between two main candidates of SNP and Labour that have a better chance over the others. Thus, if you wish to place a bet on Airdrie and Shotts by-election, consider either the SNP or Labour candidate.

Typically, most people would overlook a bet on UK Regional elections. Despite most of the online betting sites in the UK offering odds, they find it somewhat dry. However whilst England offers up little to whet the appetite, Scotland is somewhat different. If you bet on the Scottish elections, you’re all but wagering on them having another referendum on Independence. So in effect you can hit up Bet365 and bet on the vote they’ll have to see if they should have a vote.

Democracy, the administrative system of the states, election and Europe are attractive topics for most of the individuals who are keen on political processes. If you are among these curious bettors, 2021 Helsinki municipal election odds would be great for getting familiar with one of the developed country’s administrative systems.

Tasmanians are set to go to the polls on 01 May, almost a year earlier than expected. They will be likely casting their votes on the ballot for one of the three major parties. They are the party in power Liberals, as well as Labor and Greens. If you wish to place your 2021 Tasmania state election bet, you may consider the favorite Liberals.