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So you want to become a football referee. Yes, someone's got to do it, but are you sure it's you? Half the fans will hate you. And if you make a bad decision, the other half will hate you too.

So, can you bet on yourself? Like all parents, you think that your son is something special. Of course he is! Look, at 3 months old he could kick a football. At 10 years of age he was already showing such promise that all your relatives were saying he's Barcelona F.C. material. (Bro tip: he's not!).

Which are the best betting strategies? Are these methods exist? If yes, why not everybody uses them? The answer is simple. You need a calm head to choose the wagers that can make you rich. In this short conclusion, I will share with you which methods to choose and how to use them. But the only one who can make the correct speculations is you.

UK football chants and songs are amazing. They're one of the most hair raising, uplifting and wonderful feelings that go with being at a large capacity football match, are the spontaneous songs and chants that echo around the stadium. Some say that they represent the last bastion of an old folk tradition, where by we all sing together thereby making a unique public expression of collective identity. Let's have a dive into UK footballs chants and songs.

Lay Betting Explained: Betting Against the Odds. If you want to reverse roles, then lay betting let's you play at being the bookmaker. Essentially you're betting on something or some outcome not to happen. You're betting against the odds. You sell a bet as opposed to backing a bet.

Here's a complete guide to poker chips. We tend to think more about the cards being played in poker. But an equally important ingredient are the poker chips. We take a seat at the table, buy in and start shuffling these coloreds markers around without giving much thought to their color and use.

Do you know the strategies behind Rock Paper Scissors? We tend to think of Rock Paper Scissors as a rather childish means of deciding a question or argument. But you can actually gamble for real money online with Bet365 Casino. It's lucrative and, surprisingly, takes both skill and intelligence.

Have you ever thought about betting on Bass fishing? Fishing for both food and as a past time is as old as time itself. But sports fishing for Bass is a relatively new player having begun in with the Bass Master Classic in 1967. Today around 40 million people take part in sports fishing throughout the US and Canada. Angling is the forth most popular sport. And the most popular fish in competition is the Wide-Mouthed Bass. So it's not surprising that betting on Bass is now a huge part of the gambling industry.

Are there gambling spells that work? For some gamblers, the buzz of winning (or losing) is the real reason for the wager. The building anticipation and then the result can give a dopamine rush like the hardest of drugs. And yet so much appears to depend on the whims of lady luck. So it's not surprising that a gambler might want to look to the dark arts as a means of improving his fortune. And I don't mean playing Magic: The Gathering.

As the famous Steven Wright said: I stayed up all night playing poker with tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died. The ancient cards had many interpretations over time. They are most commonly used for self-exploration and gaining knowledge on one’s spiritual journey. Since tarot is the ancestor of the modern card games, you could win poker with tarot knowledge.