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The Maine sports betting legislation bill has passed through the Senate. The Governor wants to do small modifications to make the Native casino owners happier with the bill than they already were. Because the previous legislation left them not happy about the changes. Because the initial law would have placed them at a disadvantage.

There is a pro poker player cheating in the community. But this time is different from your usual peeking at the other player’s cards. Because this time it is the ranking number one player in the poker community who is accused. And surprisingly, the internet blew up. No one is defending Ali, instead, they are trying to prove that Foxen is correct about accusing him of cheating. Everyone wants to get him banned from the platform.

If you are interested in the best appearances of gambling in folklore, then we got you. Because we collected the most interesting folk tales about gambling in world history. Gambling was not always about funding education and cities. But it was sometimes just for the sake of playing. Sometimes people were driven by greed, and if they were, they met godly creatures who arrived to fool them. Mythology is rich in gambling.

If you are interested in reading through the origins of online sports bets. Then this article is just for you. Because we are going to run through the brief history of Intertops, or as it is called today, Everygame. Because they grew out from an illegal German booking service, to be one of the biggest legal and online sports betting companies all over the world. We are also explaining why they changed from Intertops to Everygame.

If you are interested in the best UK celebrities in gambling ads, then we collected the best examples for you. Furthermore, we are elaborating on the new United Kingdom law that will prevent celebrities and any mediums that may appeal to the youth to appear in gambling promotions. The world of sportsbook and casino marketing is going to change in the upcoming months. And we are explaining how and why.

The Ontario gambling market opened its doors to foreign online gambling operators. This is a new page in Ontario’s gambling life because up until today, there was a monopoly on the provincial government’s gambling industry. From now, the citizens of Ontario will be able to legally join one of the most prestigious sportsbooks and casinos in the whole world. Hundreds of iGaming operators have started to register for their licenses.

Recently, a Thai monk won the lottery by buying one ticket. Three traveling monks of the Phanom district temple were approached by a lottery seller, asking for a little help for his business. As a result, one of the Thai monk won the lottery, winning a total of $500.000. The monk gave away around 15 USD to everyone who approached him, and then he decided to give the rest away to charity.

The PDC World Championship odds are already available on the online sportsbook sites. There are one hundred names featured on the list, and they are going to be eliminated one by one once the World Series of Darts begins. This is the best time for sportsbook fans to place their bet on their favorite player. Because the names are still available until January 3rd. Therefore check out the PDC World Championship odds and predictions.

Let's check the best Deadpool 3 betting predictions. Because there are no confirmed characters yet, nor there is any official information we know about the studios. With their new partnership with Disney, they might turn the whole title upside down, introducing it with crazy ideas such as Superman and Deadpool meeting. However, the movie might keep it on the down-low, by only featuring one returning character. Let's check the available odds.

The House needs one final vote to have the Missouri legislation bill approved to feature legal sports betting in the state. If they get this bill passed, then the citizens of Missouri will be able to place sports bettings legally within licensed retail establishments. Additionally, casino operators will receive two skins which they can use to create online gambling. Don’t worry, because they will likely partner up with your favorite sportsbook.