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In this article, we are going to discover the history of gambling in the Netherlands. Therefore, we are going to note down every important milestone that leads to the current legal state. Because nowadays you can visit online gambling sites without a problem. Furthermore, there are a few additional casinos inside the country that isn't government-regulated. However, the Dutch government still holds most of the licenses.

We have collected the greatest Dutch athletes in 2022. This list is going to provide you with the people who have made the Netherlands proud more than once. Furthermore, they are the most relevant athletes today. Therefore, you should bet on their teams if you are interested in putting your faith in Dutch players. Our top betting recommendation is to bet on Barcelona. Because they host two Dutch players from this list.

We have collected the 2022 US Senate Elections predictions. Furthermore, we are going to explain the ongoing topic for the most important states. Because the Senate is a toss-up. Therefore, the race for the Senate will depend on the most volatile states. Furthermore, the current standing of the elections is 50-50. However, this means that the Democrats will win if the Republicans can not get at least 51% of the votes.

The Netherlands gambling ad ban is going to reform the atmosphere of advertising as we know it. Because from 2026, we are not going to see or hear about gambling in any public media or sports events at all. However, digital and direct advertising is still allowed. Therefore, the Dutch government is going to ensure the protection of the vulnerable. However, they do not wish to block or alienate operators out of the country.

We have collected a list of weird betting strategies you shouldn’t try. If the world keeps coming up with ideas such as these, then sportsbooks will have to use a sign: “No animals were harmed during the following wager.” However, not all of these strategies are that bad. Because some of them make sense. However, they might not be worth the hassle that comes with preparing such. Sometimes picking at random serves you better.

In this article, we have collected the 2022 World Junior ice hockey odds available on the betting markets. Because this is an early betting line that you can bet on one month before the event. However, we are not telling you spoilers by saying that Canada is told to be the winner of this tournament. However, what makes this year different is that Russia was banned from the competition. Therefore, the results might change surprisingly.

These are the most stress-free sports betting markets in the world. Because no matter what you bet on, you either win or lose. Of course, every single sportsbook works like this. However, you can not control politics or the tide of surfing. Therefore, all you have to do is to sit back and relax. Listen to the weaves of the ocean or a new Netflix documentary. Or if just watch the world burn. These betting markets will help you relax while doing so.

This is a collection of the top 6 banned gambling activities. Because there are many different laws all over the world. Some countries wouldn’t even let you bet $1 on the upcoming national sports event. However, some countries or states such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City rely on the tax return from casinos. Therefore, there are many different opinions. But these bans are universally agreed upon in most parts of the world.

The 2022 Italian X Factor betting is all about the judges. Because the show hasn't started yet, we already know who will be their mentors. You have the LGBTQ supporter, 50 platinum release rappers, and performer Fedez. The most experienced and viral Dargen D’Amico. The most popular and listened-to Italian star is Rkomi. And finally, Ambra Angiolini, a famous actress, and musician. Which one will mentor the winner?

The 2022 cryptocurrency betting prediction will summarize the most professional opinions about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and the total crypto market cap. However, we are only discovering these between July 1, 2022, and January 1, 2023. Because this is what the prompt of Bovada Sportsbook is interested in. Therefore, before placing your bet, keep the period and the under/above mark in mind.