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The 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix will soon be back on the Formula 1 championship and you can try out your luck on various betting categories. These include the grid position of winner, first driver to retire, safety car period during race and more. Visit bet365 Sportsbook now and try your luck on the weird 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix bets.

Tennis is considered to be one of the classiest sports ever. However, not many people might know its connections to the most fatal of crimes: murder. As the new season has started, this article will explore a few of tennis’ murder stories.

Gillette has released new Ad campaign sparking a lot of controversy and some novelty odds for 2019. For example, you can now bet on Gillette’s new Ad to reach 100 million views on YouTube. Also, you can bet on Trump to tweet about Gillette, or on Piers Morgan to appear in one of Gillette’s next ads.

When you’ve gotta go you’ve gotta go. It can be hard to solve the toilet situation sometimes, and it’s even harder when you’re a player on the pitch. You can end up getting a red card, or a praise - it’s up to your luck. Here are some cases of footballers who’ve peed or pooped themselves during a match.

The State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow is taking the heat, after a man stole $1 million painting in a broad daylight. It is a second embarrassing lapse in security in less than a year. You can bet now on another painting to be stolen from Tretyakov Gallery before May 1st.

It’s now possible to bet on the Instagram egg on 22Bet Sportsbook. The odds are 3/10 on the profile to reach 10 million followers by March. This should be an easy target for most popular egg on the world. There are plenty of eggcelent bets available now, and we’re here to guide you through the best ones!

From Game of Thrones fans to British politics lovers can all take advantage of the special Harry and Meghan odds at Bovada Sportsbook. Bet on the Royal baby!