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Official language: Spanish
Currency: Euro (EUR)

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Mobile Casinos in Spain
Although Spanish gambling laws make it legal to operate mobile casinos, the prohibition on slots that was in place for online establishments also applied to mobile casinos. This is why most internet gambling sites didn’t rush to add mobile applications to their offer.

However, it is expected that the number of mobile casinos in Spain will grow in 2015. Online slots became legal in July 2014, and the licensing process should take up to six months, but once all that is over, slots will go live. After that, it should only be a matter of time before companies improve their offers by adding the most popular mobile casino game.

Until then, local players are free to play progressive jackpot slots (or any slots) via the many foreign mobile casinos.

Studies show that 55% of Spain’s population uses smartphones. The mobile internet penetration rate had reached 84% by the end of 2013, exceeding those of Germany, the UK and France. With a subscription penetration of 118%, it is clear that mobile content is very popular in the country, which means mobile casinos have a lot of profit potential.