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James Holzhauer is going to celebrate one more triumph on Jeopardy!. Having already established several records on the American game show, he is likely to add one more victory to his list. Jeopardy betting predictions indicate that he’s going to win the Tournament of Champions this November.

Dota 2 is exceedingly intimidating especially if you accidentally end up playing your first game with random strangers. Things can get a little sweaty when you do not know which lane you are being told to switch to. This will be a comprehensive run-through the basics that one needs to know about how to play Dota 2 and a summary of how a single game unfolds.

Nothing beats a good old reality competition whether it’s racing around the world for $1 million or singing your heart out. According to our 2019 Emmy Competition Program predictions, RuPaul’s Drag Race leads the race to be America’s top reality competition. This would make it 2 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Competition Program for the show hosted by RuPaul.

Another prestigious American award has announced its nominations. The winners will be announced on September 13. Bet on Saturn Awards 2019 in the Best Fantasy Film nomination and see which one of them will take the prize. The nominees look impressive with the Mary Poppins’ sequel, Toy Story 4 and Disney classics in one category.