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On 17 April 2019, 190 million Indonesian voters will be heading to the polls to elect their next President and Vice-President. Two hopefuls will face each other, the incumbent president Joko Widodo and the former military leader Prabowo Subianto. At this point, Widodo is the safest choice for betting, but Prabowo’s road to victory is also a possibility.

Mahrez and Salah will be the greatest stars and African Nations Cup 2019 predictions do expect them to deliver. Their teams are among the favourites, but can other sides like Egypt or Ghana upset the expectations? Check out the best teams who could earn you some money while betting on African Cup of Nations 2019!

Australia are the bookie-favourite with their 2032 Olympic location odds of 3.00, but the joint bid by South and North Korea would be the most popular decision. Their odds are 4.00. However, the German candidacy seems super exciting as well, and then there’s India. Their respective odds to host Olympic Games 2032 are 5.00 and 6.00. Which bids will win the favour of the International Olympic Committee? Bet on Olympic hosts!