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One of the reasons why gamblers love online casinos this much is the social gambling games that they can find there! You no longer need to travel miles to reach a casino to meet new people and friends. It’s all available in your room on your laptop on the smartphone.

Gambling is accessible as ever today, therefore, there are lots of choices for gamblers on what to bet on at online casinos! The emergence of online gambling has made it all much easier for all those who want to place bets. Especially, for those who gamble from mobiles.

With the increase in the number of online casinos in the US, luck vs skill-based gambling becomes more actual. Today you do not have to travel long distances to finally reach a casino and start playing.

If you’re thinking over is gambling skill or luck, you need to understand that there’s always some role of luck involved in gambling. And you also need certain skills in some games to win. Some games have a mix of those two.

Just a warning that this is going to be a deep dive into the more macabre uses of playing cards. In particular the use of the Ace of Spades during the Vietnam war of 1954 to 1975. If you've seen the 1979 Francis Ford Coppola war epic, Apocalypse Now, then you'll probably remember the US soldiers throwing Ace of Spade cards onto the bodies of Vietnamese soldiers.

A person who treats any card game as an easy way to kill time will say that poker is not a sport. However, anyone who has learned to play this game will think before reaching a verdict. And a good poker player without a shadow of doubt will argue that this is a real sport. Moreover, it is not inferior to its complexity and intellectuality to chess. So is poker a sport? Let’s figure it out.

For the first time, the England, Manchester United and DC United player, Wayne Rooney talks about gambling and admitted that he was under the spell of a serious gambling problem. Talking to the 32Red’s Stay In Control awareness campaign, the 34 year old described how gambling had negatively impacted his game, both on the domestic and International level.

As the famous Steven Wright said: I stayed up all night playing poker with tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died. The ancient cards had many interpretations over time. They are most commonly used for self-exploration and gaining knowledge on one’s spiritual journey. Since tarot is the ancestor of the modern card games, you could win poker with tarot knowledge.