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Soccer in Canada has been growing in popularity for many years now. Last year, it was the 3rd most popular sport in the country. Soccer is also the highest participation sport in Canada, meaning that this sport has the most registered players. In this article, we’ll list the top Canadian bookies to bet on soccer with a little extra information here and there.

We have collected the most important horse betting mistakes you should avoid. Therefore, if you have done any of this before. Then try to change your perspective on the game. Because if you win cash on a long shot once in a lifetime, that doesn’t mean you should always risk betting on a long shot. This is why you have to gather as much information about the horses and the jockeys as you can. Learn the barn and betting.

We have collected the best professional female eSport players to follow online. Because they are all successful in the video game industry. Furthermore, they were always an important part of the teams they played in. However, they have stood their ground in solo competitions. They are so successful that you can read about some of them in Forbes. Furthermore, they are just simple gamers who are awesome at what they are doing.

There are many online chess gambling advantages. However, chess is a competition of skill. Therefore, in this game, the players have no luck factor to consider. Every single move can change the outcome of their game. Just by learning about chess moves, you can improve your cognitive skills. Furthermore, if you try to play, you might find out a secret skill you did not know about. This is why chess is prominent and will remain relevant.

There have been a lot of August signings in the Premier League so far and the transfer market could heat up even more before the end of the month. In this article, we solely focus on new arrivals. We’re excluding loan players from this list too. We ranked the players below based on their potential immediate impact on their new teams. These are the best Premier League signings of August.

Most people in the world still have an opinion about chess as a male-dominated game. However, there always were women who have been proving their opinion wrong. Our list of the best female chess players ever serves as a confirmation that chess is a game that can be dominated by both men and women.

If you’re familiar with sports betting in general, you have probably seen or heard of live betting. Live betting refers to in-play or in-game betting. This means you can bet on ongoing games until the end. A lot of people prefer live betting because the shifting odds sometimes allow for much greater profit. And in the online betting world, live betting has never been more popular. In this article, we will list the best Dutch sportsbooks for live betting.

In this article, we’re going to list the three best sites for eSports betting in Ireland. You’ll find the option to bet on the biggest games in the world and we also put together some handy guides for you. These are the best Irish sites for eSports betting.

This is the list of the top 7 female darts players of all time. You can trust your bet on these names at any time. Furthermore, they are the most important people in the competitive darts scene. Some of them have played against every single person on the list. Some of them have participated in television shows to promote the game. And others have made the scene more colorful and created a professional competitive sports atmosphere.

The Premier League Playmaker of the Season is a relatively new award that has been around for only six seasons if we count the current one. While the award itself is not as popular as the Golden Boot, it’s an important one. In this article, we’ll list the favourites to win the 2023 Premier League Playmaker of the Season award. You’ll find statistics and current odds of the players too.