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In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best rugby teams in 2022. Therefore, these teams are all ionic with their own story within this sport. Some of these guys are not in the best position, but for sportsbook bettors, they are perfect. Because they will make another comeback towards 1st place. However, some of these teams might fall out of grace to be replaced by another country soon on this top 10s list. This is for starters.

The 2022 WTA Budapest odds are available for you at Bet365. Make sure to register and keep an eye out for the upcoming matches. Because tennis favors live betting over sports. However, there are still pre-match betting lines available at the same place. Therefore, you can place bets on the upcoming doubles right now. Once the doubles have finished, the tournament will continue with the singles after the elimination rounds are over.

Right now the Oscars are still months away but it's not too early to get ready for the predictions. And of course, to put on your bets you need to be on time. So if you are interested in the Tár Oscar 2023 odds keep on reading!

In this article, we have made our top 8 picks of the best Chinese athletes today. Hundreds of athletes from China would deserve to be on the list. However, we have picked the very best in different sports categories. These are the youngest people who are multiple Olympic golden medal owners at the age of 18. Also, we will talk about people who are not present anymore, yet they have a record of 18 medallions and championship titles.

It’s time to give you our Wild Rift Ionia Cup predictions based on our latest performance research. This guide is going to help you through every information about the tournament. Do not be shy to place a bet at 22BET. Because they are going to post the most relevant matches each week when they come. We have given you the match results and the map counts in our opinion. However, use every information you have to bet right.

Only 26 football players have been awarded the Ballon d’Or at least once to this day. Why only? The award was established more than sixty years ago and held anually with the only exception in 2020. So, why are there so few names on the winners list? The answer is simple: we have ten Ballon d'Or winners with multiple awards.

Featuring Manchester City, Dortmund, Sevilla, and Copenhagen, Group G isn’t exactly made up of Champions League dynasties. But times change, and these teams showcased incredible talent in the past. Join us for our 2023 UCL Group G predictions to see each club’s chances of reaching the Round of 16.

The final set of teams in this year’s Champions League is made up of French, Italian, and Portuguese giants. PSG, Juventus, and Benfica will go at each other's throats while M. Haifa will fight for the scraps. These are our predictions for Group H of the 2023 UCL. You’ll find our opinion on the final group standings, and additional info on each club’s chances at this stage of the tournament.

Real Madrid, Leipzig, Celtic, and Shakhtar Donetsk make up Group F. This might not seem like the most competitive UCL group this year but looks can be deceiving. Aside from last season’s champions, everything is up for the taking. Join us for this year’s Champions League and check out our 2023 UCL Group F predictions.

At first glance, Group D looks like one of the more balanced ensembles of teams in the 2022/23 UCL. But the results from the first Matchday suggest somewhat otherwise. In this article, we will be covering everything related to Group D of the 2023 UCL and you’ll also find our predictions for this stage of the competition.