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Most gamblers focus on sports gambling or betting on politics, not knowing about tv shows betting and how to bet on tv shows.

Summer is here and luckily the weather looks summery too. People are starting to search for the coolest holiday destinations where they can leave the work and the noisy city behind. They just want to relax and enjoy the calmness of the chosen place.  But if we do not want to leave the work and the gambling behind? What about the gamblers, for whom online casinos are the real entertainment? Now we will show you the best gambling holidays around the World! Get your passport ready and join us!

What are the 2020 best slot tournaments to take part in? There are plenty of both online and offline events to participate and win some cash prizes. Here are our picks of the best online tournaments and also the most interesting events scheduled in Vegas casinos for this year.

Omni Slots is celebrating their 5th birthday this May. Anytime you visit the site, there are handful of bonuses and promotions you can enjoy. However, this May they're taking an extra step to pay their gratitude for their customers- you get to celebrate their birthday with them. To honor the occasion, Omni Slots are holding a month long celebration full of bonuses and promotions. Throughout the whole month you can enjoy more than 20 promotions, designed just for the entertainment of the players. In order to not to miss any of these bonuses, make sure to write them down on your calendar. Here are the list of some of the best Omni Slots May promotions. offers an extensive online live dealer casino games directory. You can find the best online casinos with live dealer games, live casino signup bonuses, tip and tricks in this directory.

Online sportsbook, Betway like to be number one in the industry. And so their new honor came as a nice surprise. In fact it was a record fine for Betway of $11.6 million for accepting bets with stolen funds. Next to actually losing their licence, this was the UK's biggest fine for a bookmaker and was part of a settlement for a number of serious compliance failings.

Casino disasters are viable threats to your life. While gamblers are enjoying their time at full comfort in the dim lights of a casino room next to a roulette table, they don't even know what kind of dangers are awaiting them. In the shadows of every corner, in the quiet whirling of the roulette table, there is death and it awaits its new costumers. Actually, death is everywhere in everyday life this is the most important thing in life. The difference between birth and death is that you don't know that you are going to born but you know that you are going to die.