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Online casinos in India are as common as anywhere else in the word. In fact you don't have to travel very far into India to see that the people absolutely love to gamble. It's a difficult to know whether the Chinese or Indians would win the gold medal at the Gambling Olympics. Here in India, you can wager on all the normal casino games such as poker, blackjack, slots, baccarat, video poker and roulette. But they also have games only known to the sub-continent such as Flish, Bahar, Andar, Passa and Paplu.

Nowadays, the gambling market competition is so tough that even great land-based casinos have to offer something special in order to survive. Casino owners try to come up with unique concepts, ideas, and locations for their facilities. W866e have prepared the list of 8 weirdest casino locations you should definitely visit.

As they say....fake it until you make it! And so it was with the fake casino VIP room hoax. A clever scam that convinced high rolling punters that they were taking part in legitimate casino games in casino VIP rooms, when in fact they were playing (and simultaneously being played), in spruced up hotel rooms at the Cotai Luxury Hotel in Macau.

After numerous reports about cyberattacks on Asian gambling firms, Trend Micro, the cybersecurity company, conducted research on the subject. They discovered that the advanced persistent threat group used infecting documents to carry out cyber espionage. According to research, cybercriminals may be linked to Chinese hacking groups like Emissary Panda and Winnti. Trend Micro named a new hacking group ''DRBControl ''.

The casino ban introduced in 2009 paralyzed all gambling businesses across the country. Since then, the Russian government made a few attempts to establish regulated gambling. Starting from June 1, 2009, all gambling activities were only permitted within four assigned entertainment zones. But why gambling zones in Russia didn't become as popular as Las Vegas? Let's take a closer look.

After a 10-year shutdown, the Ukrainian government is planning to give the gambling industry a green light. The Verkhovna Rada has recently approved the Bill on gambling legalization in Ukraine . The 2020 version of the bill contains a new age limit, rules and regulations on casino placement, and gambling license fees. Following the reauthorization of legal gambling, the industry is expected to bring $1,000,000,000 to $1,500,000,000 in revenue. 

Loot boxes have become an extremely popular feature in modern video games. Revenue from the loot box gambling in the UK is expected to hit a £35 billion benchmark by 2022. While some countries have already categorized loot-box-systems as a form of gambling, there is still an ongoing debate about loot boxes in the UK. 

Everyone played some sort of card in her/his life. Nowadays, it is more likely that you have played online poker rooms in the USA. However, we still don’t know the exact time and place of the invention of cards. Researchers have several answers to that but still haven’t come to an agreement in one. Well, today we are going to explore the dramatic and very interesting origins of playing cards.

There are many cities in the world which are home for casinos but there is one which shines the brightest. Las Vegas is the name which stands as a synonym for the fun coming from gambling. The night view of the big city with its bright lights and the huge economy made it a must-visit place. In fact, the history and the people of the city made Las Vegas the gambling‌ capital of the world.

Where are the more convenient places to gamble than airports? When you have lots of free time between your flights, gambling is the best activity to save you from boredom and add some cash in your wallet. In this article, we wrote about the best airports for gambling in the world. So, check out our list if you are planning to travel soon.