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Ever since online lottery sites and online casinos started to emerge, having a lack of lottery to participate in became no longer a problem. However, because of the overwhelming amount of lotteries, finding the best one to play has become a struggle now. In order o help you make your decision, we have made a list of some of the best lottery odds in Kazakhstan.

Ever wondered what it would be like to win a lottery? Waking up millions of dollars richer, your name making headlines in the local news, hundreds of missed calls on your number.... Certainly your life would take a turn to some side, no matter which. In order to know better about what happens when you win a lottery, let's take a look at some stories of the historical OZ lottery winners. 

Whether you're resident of Ireland or participating from foreign country, playing Irish lotto is really simple. If you're familiar with any lotto in any way, then you can just breeze through this guide. The minimum bets and draws are specified for the lottery. For those who are yet to learn about the lottery, here is a guide on how to play Irish lotto.

Playing the lottery blindly is not the best way to hit the jackpot. To have chances to win or, at least, not to lose lots of money, you should know what tickets fit your budget. Here you have all lottery ticket types explained.

Lotteries have always been a favorite form of gambling in India. Throughout the years, the number of players and range of the available lotteries have increased significantly. Thanks to the online lottery sites in India, people have an access to not only local lotteries, but also other giants ones in the world. EuroMillions, Powerball, Enalotto- you name it. However, with this many possibilities, the players face a question. Which lottery is the best in India? And where to play them?

Many popular lotteries offer big jackpots nowadays. No one is surprised by thousands and even millions of dollars that can be won in 2020. However, the biggest lottery prizes ever can still blow your mind. Let’s see what jackpots have the most zeros at the end of winning sums in history.

Scratchcards, or scratch tickets, are one of the most popular types of online and offline lotteries. You have probably received one of these cards in grocery stores or shopping malls. Besides, what can be more satisfying than scratching the card and revealing the prize? We have collected the best national lottery scratchcards to win on in 2020. 

Have you ever wondered how many people actually participate in the lotteries? The number might be higher than you've imagined. The number seems to soar up when the organizer is the government. Some countries have banned the game while some have introduced a national lotteries with a prize reaching up to millions, enough to attract anyone. The lotteries are getting bigger and bigger each year, both in the matter of prize and the size of the players. Let's take a look at the lotteries with the highest number of players in the world.

.Just a few scratches in the card, and you might be holding a key to millions of pounds that can change your life. While there are millions of ways to make money, there are a few that can make millions. We're not saying to look for the easy way out. However, it won't hurt to try your luck once in a while to get a shot at something this huge. Buying a scratch cards is now easier than ever, but choosing one is complicated. Which are the best scratch cards to buy in the UK in the sea of possibilities? 

Dating back to the 14th century, lotto is one of the oldest casino games in the world. What's not to like about having a chance of winning millions of dollars by doing nothing more than buying a dollar slip, after all? Because of this almost unbelievable low risk with an astounding amount of prize, it's no wonder that lotto has survived this long. And what's more is, it's only growing. The prize of the jackpot is getting more than enough to attract millions of players each week. Here are some of the biggest lottery prizes in South Africa.