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So, winning the lottery is, at the best of times, a little unexpected. No one believes themselves guaranteed to win. We all know the math behind the games we play. That’s why, quite often, winners of some of the most progressive jackpot lotteries are those who have played reluctantly. Or, perhaps, out of sheer whimsy. Maybe they passed by Lotto Agent and thought to give it a go, maybe they just ran out of gas. Tiny things that lead to big results seem to suggest chaos theory is real.

Your chances of winning progressive jackpot lotteries diminish with each successive payout. Lose today, win tomorrow is inherent in the nature of such delightful games of chance. However that doesn’t mean you can’t win multiple times at Lotto Agent and the like. Indeed lucky jackpot winner Orlene Peterson of Idaho, USA, proves quite the reverse. She hit a win two days in a row. So, is this just a mathematically inevitable stroke of luck, or is there more to it? We take a look.

Philosophers have spent centuries attempting to gain an understanding of existence. They delve into the depths of thought and consideration looking for the secrets to our lives. However, you need not pour over ancient texts to understand the sheer either/or nature of the universe. The examples litter our reality. Indeed sometimes even progressive jackpot lotteries can play a role in highlighting this dichotomy. Jackpot lottery numbers might not be binary but our world really is.

Do you already know the Mega Millions lottery winning numbers? If not, grab your tea and keep reading. If yes, still do the same cause we might have something interesting for you!

Successfully hitting on the winning lottery numbers, perhaps on sites like Lotto Agent, should be a joyous thing. A life changing moment leading to bliss. Instead, many winners find that social media and the internet wishes to spoil all that. Apparently, you can be as lucky as you wish, you just have to keep it to yourself. Even the very best lotto jackpot reviews would accurately term the internet’s response as nasty. So, has the internet’s tentacles spoiled even winning the lottery?

The US Powerball jackpot is way above half a billion Dollars. At this point, we need all the tricks we can use for the jackpot to be ours. Let’s read how to win the Powerball like a pro – and we have the answer from experience!

“In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” Or, at least, so said Benjamin Franklin, who, at the time, was probably right. These days, however, with everyone and their dog setting up the simplest jackpot lottery they can, perhaps not. One only need to check out some of the lottery stories that crop up even the best lotto jackpot reviews, because of sites like Lotto Agent. You’ll see that whilst the news screams of bizarre times, very quietly, lottery life just goes on.