Olympic Games

Water polo is one of the oldest team sports, it first appeared in the Olympics in 1900. Since then the sport gained popularity all around the world, from Australia to North America. But there are countries, which have stood out and given most of the best water polo teams in history. Let’s see who they are. ... read more

Female handball has become as popular as men’s handball in the last few decades. Since its appearance in the Olympics in 1976, the sport gained huge popularity all around the world. The best female handball players in history come from Scandinavia and the Balkan, with Romanian Cristina Neagu considered the best of all time.  ... read more

Men’s handball debuted in the Olympics in 1936 in Berlin as an outdoor sport, then returned to the program as an indoor sport in 1972. Since then its popularity has grown continuously, even though it hasn’t become widely known in the US. We can find European athletes in the best handball players in history who all lead their teams to titles.  ... read more

Gymnastics can be one of only a few sports where female athletes are more famous than the male athletes. Of course there have been several great male gymnasts as well in the last few decades, who were all great champions and representatives of the sport. In the best male gymnasts of all time we find mainly Russian and Japanese athletes, let’s see who they are.  ... read more

Gymnastics is one of the toughest sports even though the athletes made the movements very graceful. But there are years of hard training behind all exercises with only the most persistent athletes achieving medals and titles in the big events. The best female gymnasts of all time could also bring something new to the sport, either a new element or a new technique beside winning in the most important moments.  ... read more

After reviewing the best female distance runners of all time, we’d like to introduce today’s most promising athletes, who might end up being a legend of the sport. They are running in top form and achieving great results. Some of them are already world and Olympic champions, while others are on the way to become one.  Let’s see the best female distance runners in 2020.  ... read more

Just like in the men’s competition, there have been several great female runners in the last few decades. From traditional running powers like Ethiopia or Kenya, to more special ones, like Romania or Great Britain. The best female distance runners in history have all won titles, set up new records and helped the development of the sport.  ... read more

Traditionally table tennis, badminton and basketball are the most famous sports in China, but football and winter sports are getting more popular as well. Of course, we can find Chinese athletes in almost every sport in the Olympics, usually getting medals wherever they compete. In the following list we tried to collect all the sports which are successful among the professional and amateur athletes as well.  ... read more

Athletics is one of the most famous sports, watched by millions of fans. Beside the sprint events, distance running races always attract a lot of attention, even though they might take almost half an hour. The best distance runners of all time were not only good runners but also mentally strong who could use the perfect strategy at all times.  ... read more

Even though women’s football goes back to almost as long a history as the men’s, it only started to be recognized in the 1970s when more and more players became professional. The best female football players ever didn’t only win titles but also helped to make the sport more popular.  ... read more