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It would seem that slots are the simplest form of gambling entertainment. You make a bet, click “START” and just wait for the desired winnings. However, many players complain about a constant series of losses. How to avoid such a problem and not get into such a position? In this article, we have gathered some tips on how to get lucky with slots. Get ready to make real money! ... read more

Most gamblers feel gaming excitement when competing with someone else. And this is not surprising at all! Competing with real people is a way much more interesting than playing with machines or computer programs. Besides, it allows you to fully experience the taste of victory. In online casinos, just a few people are required to participate in some of the card games. But if we are talking about slots, most gamblers will agree that it is an individual way of gambling. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that there are a lot of virtual multi-player slot machines. Let’s find out more about them! ... read more

Bet365 has been around for over 16 years now. Slots was one of the first games on the site. Being one of the oldest online casinos in the UK, bet365 has proven that they’re worth coming back to. They offer 2 sites for casino games- Bet365 Casino, which was the first, and Bet365 Games. We’re going to introduce the best bet365 casino slots. ... read more

Many gamblers believe that there are hot and cold online slots. Where did this theory come from? According to any certified software, the gameplay algorithm runs the same way. Moreover, each licensed provider will confirm that this is the most important requirement for a casino with a good reputation. Therefore, there cannot be any hot and cold slot machines, can they? In our article, we will try to answer this interesting question. ... read more

Slot machines are among casino games with the broadest choice for gamblers. Besides cliches like adventurous Egyptian and classic fruit themes, there are a series of weirdest slot games you couldn’t even think of. Learn what slot themes are beyond imagination and try them if you want. ... read more

Slots are one of the most popular games in the casino. They’re easy to play, can play with really small bets and don’t require any strategies like the rest of the games. Also, it won’t be that far from the truth to say that it’s one of the most successful adaptations of the games in the online casino. Since the theme and looks of the slots is an important part of the entertainment in the game, there are many online slot games available for almost every interest of the players. We’ve introduced the best movie online slots before if you’re interested. Now here are the best music themed slots. ... read more

It’s been years since movies are branching out of the screens to reach their fans. Be it a Captain America themed cereal or a bed sheet with Harry Potter on it, the merchandise industry is booming. Luckily for us, online gambling sites in the US haven’t stayed behind of this trend too. There are hundreds of slots with movie themes in those sites. Out of them, here are the 10 best movie slots of all time. ... read more

Here’s a story to make your elbow itch. A woman playing at a slot machine scored the life-changing win of $8.5 million. Think of how ecstatic she must of felt. All the changes she could make in her life and those around her. The new house in the burbs and an even bigger pick-up truck. Exotic holidays with gin Martini’s (WTF are those, she must be think) on the beach….err…hold up! The casino says it had a slot machine malfunction. At that exact moment! Too funny if the whole saga wasn’t so sad. Still no emotion without contrast. And she must of experienced the whole spectrum of them. Only in America can you be unhappy about what you never had. ... read more

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), the country’s gaming regulator, said that it was actively exploring the idea of a £2 online slots-cap. On this news some of the UK’s largest betting companies saw their shares take a hammering. ... read more

How To Play Slots

So how to play slots? Do you remember those fruit machines which stood in pubs and gaming arcades years ago? Well, online slots games are just the modern version. Many are copies of the old classics, but bought into the 21st century. There are a plethora of features, from wild symbols to scatter symbols, plus any number of bonuses. ... read more