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Recently, the Ukrainian government has adopted a law on the legalization of gambling, which had been banned in the country for 11 years. What changes will be introduced? And where will Ukrainians be able to gamble? In this article, we will have new gambling laws in Ukraine explained. Let’s get it started!

Arguments why ID verification is important in online casinos seem obvious: security and safety stay above all. Although it is crucial, there are other reasons lying behind. Here are 3 non-obvious factors that make gambling sites ask for your passport.

Winning a lottery and becoming a millionaire in one day is a dream, right? The case of Lotto Max winner who died under mysterious obstacles shows that there always is the other side of the coin. A man from Toronto, who won $10 in lottery in 2017 died in Ethiopia. The identities of the murderers haven’t been established yet. 

You'll already be familiar with Loot Boxes if you're a player of certain console games such as Call of Duty, Halo 5, League of Legends and FIFA video games series. Right now the world's media is pretty much ablaze with negative stories concerning gambling and gambling addiction. A a result, the iGaming industry is having to pay even greater attention to their customers than before. Loot Boxes are the latest in a line of offers/promotions that appear to circumnavigate both regional and national regulations.

So, you want to try playing the lottery in the UAE? That's not quite as simple as you might hope. Let's first have a look at the country and it's laws. The UAE stands for the United Arab Emirates and is a country in the Middle East. It consists of seven emirates, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain and is a sovereign absolute monarchy.

Online sportsbook, Betway like to be number one in the industry. And so their new honor came as a nice surprise. In fact it was a record fine for Betway of $11.6 million for accepting bets with stolen funds. Next to actually losing their licence, this was the UK's biggest fine for a bookmaker and was part of a settlement for a number of serious compliance failings.

If you follow US horse racing to any degree, then you'll know that the industry has a massive horse race doping problem. The chickens finally came home to roost this last week. The US trainer, Jason Servis is one of over 27 individuals charged with a scheme to give illegal drugs to horses. He's looking at up to five years in the slammer.

As we now know, Weinstein got 23 years in prison on Wednesday. To the surprise of just about everyone, he asked for permission to address the courtroom before sentencing. This move is abnormal as most defendants might want to appeal their sentence. There is always a fear that they will say something that might affect the outcome of this. never the less, the New York City Criminal Court Judge James Burke, gave permission.

After numerous reports about cyberattacks on Asian gambling firms, Trend Micro, the cybersecurity company, conducted research on the subject. They discovered that the advanced persistent threat group used infecting documents to carry out cyber espionage. According to research, cybercriminals may be linked to Chinese hacking groups like Emissary Panda and Winnti. Trend Micro named a new hacking group ''DRBControl ''.

Nice one Daniel, nice one son, nice one Daniel, he's got another one! Yes, Daniel Sturridge, the former England, Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea footballer managers to find a way to get himself suspended from all footballing activity for four months. This comes after his initial punishment was deemed as being too lenient.