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The Internet is full of happy and also cringe-worthy lottery stories, but what about the it-was-close moments? We have found plenty of winners who almost missed out on the jackpot. Can you imagine the heartache and frustration after realizing how close they were to being rich? Let’s find out the amounts they almost never received!

Can you imagine winning the lottery only to be told that it was a mistake? This is just one example of the lotteries’ worst nightmare. Not to mention the ticket owners’ bad luck. Do you remember when Steve Harvey read the wrong name in the Miss Universe finals? Similar situations have happened in the world of the lotto too. You can read about a bunch of ruined, lost, and found lottery ticket stories, but what if the lotteries are at fault and not the gamblers? 

The lottery is a gamble trough and trough. From the way, you select the numbers on your slip to the draw. Imagine the happiness after someone wins the jackpot! It is a blessing! Or not? There have been examples of cheating and scandals on the lottery market several times, which raised some questions. Is it manipulated? Why does winning the lottery ruin a person’s life, etc.? We are going to show you the biggest lottery scandals in the world!

Recently, a Thai monk won the lottery by buying one ticket. Three traveling monks of the Phanom district temple were approached by a lottery seller, asking for a little help for his business. As a result, one of the Thai monk won the lottery, winning a total of $500.000. The monk gave away around 15 USD to everyone who approached him, and then he decided to give the rest away to charity.

Dreams are still these vague and uncharted territories that some try to discover. There are hundreds of stories about dreams that came into reality. For example, the woman who dreamed about the Titanic’s catastrophe and didn’t board the ship. Some famous people owe their success to their dreams, like Tesla or Stephenie Meyer. Also, there are people who even dream of lottery numbers. Whether it’s a prophecy or a wishful prediction, a few of them played those numbers and won. Lucid dreaming might be the key! It is an intermediate state of consciousness between waking and dreaming. In the process of conscious dreaming, we realize that we are dreaming. There are several relatively simple exercises for people to learn to control their dreams. The most prominent researchers in the field also recommend specific tips for mastering this ability. We will show you how to dream the lottery numbers!

Once in a while, we hear stories about lucky winners who can outsmart the gambling systems. They say that the house always wins. It is a universal truth, but it is possible to find loopholes and slip through them. After all, humans invented it so they can also defeat it. Gambling has to give something to attract hopeful players. No one would risk their money otherwise. However, on rare occasions, some genius people find methods to win without them knowing. We will show you those brilliant students who beat the house!    

The lottery has always been popular, but recently, thanks to online lottery forms, it is becoming more and more so. In the last months, the national lottery companies' average revenue has increased compared to the previous year. It is crucial to point out that there are many benefits to betting on digital platforms. In addition to being quick and easy to use, the various virtual versions are not limited to certain countries but are available for gamblers from all around the world. There are no forgotten games or bets, as they notify the players via SMS, call, or email, depending on the lotto. Also, they transfer smaller prizes to an account in the company's betting system or to a bank account provided by the player. Check out our suggestions of the best lotteries to try below and win!

The world of the lottery is truly stunning and is gaining new fans every day. There are thousands of lottery games, most countries in the world have their own national lotteries, but only some of them are available online. If you want to play the online lottery and win money, you need to find a lottery game. How can you win with online lotto tickets? You will find all the information you need below that tells you more about the online lottery. Choose the options you like the most and play.

Winning millions in the lottery is big luck in itself, but some can call themselves the luckiest gamblers in the world. It is common knowledge that we have a tiny chance of winning the lottery. So the opportunity for anyone to call themselves a lottery winner more than once seems impossible at first. Yet the history of lotteries is full of extremely lucky people. Some even strengthen the camp of "multiple lottery winners." Their secret is surprisingly simple. Read on and find out how they did it. 

We have all dreamed of winning either in a casino or the lottery. You don't even need a large amount, do you? A few million can change a person's life, not to mention a prize of hundreds of millions or a billion. Some people are incredibly lucky, and then there are the least lucky gamblers ever. What could be worse than someone winning millions but never getting the money or just part of it? You could own an amount that would change your life entirely, but in the end, you wouldn't get it. Having the winning within reach, but losing it is worse than never winning anything. There are some incredible stories and unfortunate circumstances that one would think can only happen in movies. Yet, here they are. We have collected a few of the least lucky gamblers ever.