Online Casino News in Nevada - Latest News, Top Stories & Analysis December 2021

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People’s taste is always changing, looking for something new and unique. All industries try to come up with brand new things and hope they will be loved and welcomed. It’s the same in the online gambling industry where sites use the latest technology to offer a real-life experience. While special bonuses and promotions help to attract new customers. These are the latest online casino trends right now. 

It’s less than a month now until Christmas, so it’s time to check all the latest Christmas-themed slots. We can find familiar ones based on Santa, the reindeers, and the elves with their own little twists this year. Along with more extreme ones like the Big Bass Bonanza’s festive edition. These are the best Christmas-themed slots in 2021. 

The winter is coming! Now you will want to go out on the street less and less. And there is only one wish to throw a warm blanket while sitting in front of the monitor screen, sipping some hot drink. However, we still need to plunge into the winter atmosphere, especially if there is no snow in the yard. In this article, we present to your attention several games that would correctly adjust your mood for this cold period, or simply brighten up the anticipation before the New Year holidays. Get ready for the best ways to gamble in winter 2022!

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games both in live and online casinos. You need mostly luck instead of special skills to win but you can still walk away with big amounts. Just like the most famous roulette players did who all left the table as wealthy men. Some of them had lucky nights breaking the bank, while others risked all their fortune on one spin. As you can read their stories below. 

While the origins of gambling are unknown, it’s most likely as old as time. As far as we know, it has managed to slip into every era one way or another. The first written evidence of gambling goes back to ancient China, while the first casino, the Casino di Venezia, has been around since the 17th century. As you know, a casino is an institution where various gambling games are available to anybody over 18. In old times, when there were no fancy casinos around, simple gambling houses hosted the games. However, as time went on and the technology kept improving, the games’ quality and quantity reached new heights, as well. Check out the creators behind casino games below. 

We all know the usual casino games like poker, roulette, and blackjack which we can find wherever we go in the world. But there are some really special features that only exist in one country. Like Birdsong which is played in Belgium, or Chicken Tic-Tac-Toe from Atlantic City. Have you not heard about them before? Let’s read then our collection of the most extreme casino games.