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Whether you’re Brett Kavanaugh or Cristiano Ronaldo, William Clyde Allen III or Colonel Anatoliy Chepiga, the need to get out of the public eye for a while and avoid the attention of law enforcement agencies like the FBI is one any of us could now experience, and rather than sit tucked up in a hotel room with Bovada, one of the best online betting sites in the US, we’ll give you the seven best casinos on Earth in which to hide from prying eyes and just how to do it.

Following the over hyped grudge boxing match between the objectionable internet personalities KSI and Logan Paul (and the suspiciously lucrative deal they made for a rematch after drawing their first bout) we take a look at some of the other celebrity fights you can expect to see being hosted by venues very akin to your local casino in the future, and whilst Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK, might not yet be offering odds on these battles, it's only a matter of time.

I must admit: throwing tomatoes at others sounds very satisfying, so today there will be no questions asked about the forces behind La Tomatina, the Spanish tomato throwing festival. If you like tomatoes but prefer not to marinate yourself in their juices, you came to the right place: instead of tomatoes, I’ll throw bonuses at you. Ready?